Lupin III Special 6: Dragon of Doom

Alt title: Lupin III Special 6: Moeyo Zantetsuken

TV Special (1 ep x 90 min)
3.691 out of 5 from 903 votes
Rank #2,783

After Goemon is attacked by a group of ninjas who desired his Zansetsu sword, Lupin, Jigen and Goemon part ways. Lupin and Jigen’s next adventure takes them to Hong Kong, where they meet the Mafia boss Chin Chin Chu. He informs the duo of an extremely valuable Dragon figurine he wishes to obtain, and he requires Lupin and Jigen’s help to get it. However, acquiring the statue will prove difficult for two reasons: it’s currently located at the bottom of the Atlantic in the remains of the Titanic, and it’s an heirloom of Goemon’s clan. Now, Goemon will stop at nothing to retrieve the statue and keep its secret hidden, even if it means fighting against his own friends.

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