Luck & Logic

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Luck & Logic

After losing a war in their home world Tetraheaven, the Gods appeared in the human world seeking refuge. To protect the citizens from the otherworldly beings, the government began employing Logicalists—a special police force with the power to enter trances with Goddesses. In these trance forms humans and Goddesses can combine their power and fight against those looking to disturb the peace.

Source: Funimation

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Stormbrook's avatar
Stormbrook Mar 12, 2016
Score 6.2/10

If you ask if there's an amazing story in L&L I would laugh. The entire show is like a pancake. There's no technical expertise in the entire show. The only characters I really liked were the logicist's weapons and shields. While the story does scale and get better over time by episode 5 that's a lot of episodes before the audience really makes sense of plot and most people want a "Logical plot... read more

FullmetalDragon's avatar
FullmetalDragon Apr 9, 2016
Score 3/10

This should have been way better, but it ended up a complete mess. The characters all seemed to be not quite right, the plot pretty much collapsed after a while and in the end I hardly cared what happened at all. The plot to start with was pretty cool, I can't deny that. But quite early on the plot seemed to get to the point where things were happening for the sake of happening, and didn't really... read more

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