Love of Kill

Alt title: Koroshi Ai

TV (12 eps)
3.578 out of 5 from 2,605 votes
Rank #4,718

She’s a professional hitman. And he… is also a professional hitman. And she’s his target. Caught in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse, will she fall first… or will he?

Source: Yen Press

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yeah love of kill was a smorgish borg of "wow thats a bit messed up" and "this is getting wildly predictable very quickly" which is its biggest problem. so for a quick review i woudl say if you bored and want something more mature and heavy then give it a shot otherise its not somthing i would recommend, regardless if you decide to anyways the 3/4 episode test should be good enough for you to decide. but with its decent animation, okay music and kind of wishy washy characters sadly make a show where there are almost no obnoxious tropes a very solid "its alright" and with no season 2 looking to be on the horizon it doenst seem like this Mr&Mrs Smith anime is really going to finish its story. so thats my quick review here is a spoiler free more detailed review(this ones fast too) first the animation, overall its not bad but the quality of other shows now is so high that its hard not to compare. otherwise still solid  next is the sound, everything but one moment was a solid 6 but that one suppressor shot at the end was damn near the closest ive ever heard an anime or even most hollywood stuff get to a real suppresed round being fired. i dont know how the did it but props even though most of this shows guns were pretty meh ill take one win(side note they really like the USP for some reason) characters are ...... confusing, the main guy is a cold blooded killer but couldnt forget the one guy who was nice to him ok hes alright but the girl is ALL OVER THE PLACE. the only thing that is certain is that she isnt sure about anything. if my girlfriend was this wishy washy by the time we cooked dinner shed want something different to eat. anywasy the rest of the side cast are alright the issue is nothing really stands out  finally the story, which isnt bad but it is easy to see what happens for the enitre episode most of the time, which makes it very boring very quickly. along with that no 2nd season so many of the answers left unsaid wont be known. but my biggeest gripe is for sure is that some of the characters like getting shot in the face or chest and just shrug it off. i get its an anime but this one is grounded and no dude not even detective question(if you know you know) would just be like "yeah theres just a 9mm-10mm sized hole in my face but hey im just crazy so ill be fine" wrapping it up, yeah the show is a bt messy a few ways but overall is a ok watch for the adults tired of the incessant use of kids and aggressively high pitched voice and cliche that seem to be poping up in almost every anime  which is why i was bummed out by love of kills mediocre watch. well if you do watch it i do hope you enjoy it thats all for this one thanks for the read and have a good one!

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