Love Me, Love Me Not

Alt title: Omoi, Omoware, Furi, Furare

Movie (1 ep)
3.725 out of 5 from 778 votes
Rank #2,740
Love Me, Love Me Not

Four friends share the springtime of their youth together. Fast friends Yuna and Akari are complete opposites: Yuna is an idealist while Akari is a realist. When lady-killer Rio and the oblivious Kazuomi join their ranks, love and friendship become quite complicated!

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This is a review of a person who read the manga of this anime. Since its in a movie form, it won't cover everything that's in the manga. They skipped some chapters (which is inevitable) and they also changed many things and scenes.  Timeline definitely have changes (but it's fine). It's loyal to the plot of Rio and Yuna's love story in the manga. (But of course, there were scenes and events that were skipped.) In Akari and Inui's story, it's a little different since a character that's involved in their story was removed. And also, their story was happening on the time when the family is having a crisis (but the family crisis was changed a little), so their story was bound to be affected. But it's not completely different, there are just plot that was removed, plot that wasn't shown, and plot that was changed a little bit. The family crisis of Yamamoto family is different. The circumstances, the fight, the talk are different. But how it was solved was similar in the manga. (Just similar because it not how it actually happened.) Events, scenes, and dialogues - there are memorable events and scenes that wasn't shown in detail or wasn't shown at all, scenes that changed locations and timeline, dialogues that is not included in the manga was said in the movie. (Akari's confession/asking out, I beleive there is a phrase that was said that wasn't in the manga, and this phrase put Akari a little bit in a negative light. Tho, I'm not sure if it wasn't really included in the manga.) Characters: Yuna manga is cute, Yuna anime is pretty. -- Rio manga is more of a playboy (in the first parts of the manga), Rio anime didn't show that and is just popular. -- Mama Yamamoto in manga and anime seems to have a little difference in personality. -- Better understanding of Inui in the manga since it shows his circumstances. --  Somewhat important character was not introduced. I recommend y'all to read the manga. It's much better. You can understand the characters more since you can read their thoughts and monologues. The plot is smoother. There's more fluff and sweetness and cuteness. You won't regret reading it. 

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