Love Live! School Idol Project

TV (13 eps)
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Honoka Kousaka is heartbroken. Her school, Otonokizaka High, will be forced to shut down unless it can find more prospective students. Luckily, Honoka and her friends have a plan: they'll form an idol group and throw concerts to attract others to join the school! But following through won't be easy – they'll need to find talent, make outfits, find practice space, build stamina and more in hopes of keeping Otonokizaka High alive!

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LuniaAngel's avatar
LuniaAngel Mar 3, 2014
Score 9/10

 Cant wait for the next season but ill tell you guys a lil of my opinion so far. It is a bit of one of those addictive animes at times escpecially the beginning episodes. Its a big rollercoaster of drama towards the end and personally I wanted to growl a few times at some of the characters actions towards eachother. The ending was alright but def could have been better had they actually participated... read more

Kakajoju's avatar
Kakajoju Jan 2, 2019
Score 8.5/10

I decided to watch this anime because:
a) The winter 2019 bingo challenge
b) Wanted to see a good idol anime after Zombieland Saga brought me close to loathing the idol genre
Gotta say I was not disappointed and pleasently surprised at how wholesome and fun the show was. Story As we all know by the synopsis, it's about girls becoming idols to save their school from closing. At first, I thought the... read more

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