Love Live! School Idol Project

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Honoka Kousaka is heartbroken. Her school, Otonokizaka High, will be forced to shut down unless it can find more prospective students. Luckily, Honoka and her friends have a plan: they'll form an idol group and throw concerts to attract others to join the school! But following through won't be easy – they'll need to find talent, make outfits, find practice space, build stamina and more in hopes of keeping Otonokizaka High alive!

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Love Live is an anime that took me by storm. I originally watched Locodols, which is very much like this anime. If anyone hasn't seen Locodols then I reccomend it before this anime for a variety of reasons. It's lower budget and is a whole lot slower pace then this anime, and also is less predictable. So if anyone enjoyed Locodols then Love Live should be an epic of all proportions.StoryThe story calls for an antagonist just to call "Plot Development." This is the greatest flaw and you can see a rival group coming a mile away.Characters.Characters while they do have cliche's there are overllaping character arcs which is unusual. What separates them is that the story is much better when there are two characters who are similar. They aren't the same because say A is obsessed with Idol groups and B is super shy but also obsessed. Each group has their own seniors like in other clubs, IE there's juniors, sophmores, and freshmen each of 3. With such a large cast there are only a few minor flaws with the cliche's. Yet the characters are the driving portion of the story. I also envisioned having some say boys, but then again boys and romance would hinder the story. It would create needless drama which I think the authors didn't add them on this basis. For the actors they seem to have chosen the voice actress Alladin for Nekko. What's really neat is that they are using upcoming future voice actors for all the females. Sound doesn't need a comment. Beautiful. Animation. The animation in HD is crisps. However there are flaws in the fact that they avoid cars, and any 3D production scenes like riding bikes etc, due to them dancing in 3D. In one episode the production.I always found myself inspired. Conclusion. Love Live is a must watch. There's always some appeal to someone. On top it's one of those animes that for the first few epsidoes (Minus one character) is family friendly. 

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