Love is Like a Cocktail

Alt title: Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

TV (13 eps x 3 min)
Fall 2017
3.258 out of 5 from 2,221 votes
Rank #4,337
Love is Like a Cocktail

Quiet but capable, Mizusawa Chisato is a beautiful leader who has a secret that only her husband, Sora,  knows about: she loves to drink, and when she's drunk, she becomes extremely adorable! What bliss will Sora's cocktail bring tonight? "Yoidere," the drunken comedy cocktail about Japan's most lovey-dovey couple.

Source: Crunchyroll

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First Glass: Plum Splet image

Episode 1

First Glass: Plum Splet

Second Glass: Orange Breeze image

Episode 2

Second Glass: Orange Breeze

Third Glass: Cinderella image

Episode 3

Third Glass: Cinderella

Fourth Glass: Spritzer image

Episode 4

Fourth Glass: Spritzer

Fourth Glass: Special Banana Cocktail image

Episode 5

Fourth Glass: Special Banana Cocktail

Sixth Glass: Bellini image

Episode 6

Sixth Glass: Bellini

Seventh Glass: Irish Coffee image

Episode 7

Seventh Glass: Irish Coffee

8th Glass: Egg Sake image

Episode 8

8th Glass: Egg Sake

Ninth Glass: Zoom image

Episode 9

Ninth Glass: Zoom

Tenth Glass: Shandygaff image

Episode 10

Tenth Glass: Shandygaff

Eleventh Glass: Rainy Night image

Episode 11

Eleventh Glass: Rainy Night

Twelfth Glass: First Time image

Episode 12

Twelfth Glass: First Time

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SMores's avatar
SMores Oct 18, 2017
Score 4/10

If you want to learn how to make a few mixed drinks, or just want to see a young married couple act a little cute for a few minutes at a time, this would be a good anime for you.  I usually wouldn't write a review this early in the season, nor would I write one for an anime that I dropped after three episodes.  However, this show's pretty straightforward, and is highly unlikely to become anything else... read more

MrChilliy's avatar
MrChilliy Apr 7, 2019
Score 10/10

Whenever I saw those two together, I was always happy how they fell in love and got married. And it makes me happy to know how they are great for each other. read more

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