Love is Like a Cocktail

Alt title: Osake wa Fuufu ni Natte kara

Love is Like a Cocktail

Love is Like a Cocktail Episode 4 - Fourth Glass: Spritzer

Chisato is too hungry to sleep after watching a cooking show late at night, so Sora sets about cooking for her.

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First Glass: Plum Splet image

Episode 1

First Glass: Plum Splet

Second Glass: Orange Breeze image

Episode 2

Second Glass: Orange Breeze

Third Glass: Cinderella image

Episode 3

Third Glass: Cinderella

Fourth Glass: Spritzer image

Episode 4

Fourth Glass: Spritzer

Fourth Glass: Special Banana Cocktail image

Episode 5

Fourth Glass: Special Banana Cocktail

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Episode 6

Sixth Glass: Bellini

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Seventh Glass: Irish Coffee

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Episode 8

8th Glass: Egg Sake

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Episode 9

Ninth Glass: Zoom

Tenth Glass: Shandygaff image

Episode 10

Tenth Glass: Shandygaff

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Episode 11

Eleventh Glass: Rainy Night

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Episode 12

Twelfth Glass: First Time

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