Love Hina Special: Motoko's Choice, Love or Sword: Don't Cry

Alt title: Love Hina: Motoko no Sentaku, Koi ka Ken... "Naku na"

DVD Special (1 ep x 24 min)
3.601 out of 5 from 3,357 votes
Rank #4,294

One day, on his way back from dropping off Naru and Mei at the train station, Keitarou is saved by a katana-wielding beauty who turns out to be none other than Motoko’s sister – and she’s come to take her younger sibling back to the dojo! Shocked by her sister’s sudden appearance, Motoko, in a fit of desperation,  blurts out that she cannot leave as she is getting married to Keitarou. Now, in order to stop Motoko from having to return home, Keitarou and the rest of the girls of the Hina inn must help to keep up the pretense of their relationship. But with Motoko unable to even kiss the young ronin without her punching him, can they succeed?

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