Love Flops

Alt title: Renai Flops

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2022
3.337 out of 5 from 1,264 votes
Rank #9,560

Asahi Kashiwagi is a student who runs into a series of unusual accidents on the way to school — all in accordance with a vague television fortune he watched that morning, and all culminating with an unfortunate encounter with a girl. Coincidentally, all the girls he meets are new students or teachers at his school. Asahi's prior knowledge of the girls earns him the suspicion of Yoshio, a self-proclaimed "friend of Asahi." After school, he finds a love letter in his shoe locker, telling him to come to the cherry blossom tree behind school, again according to his morning fortune. Asahi heads to the cherry blossom tree to see what awaits him.

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Studio Passione’s fall 2022 High School harem rom-com is a tale of two halves. The first is a tragically bizarre harem show in which the hapless Asahi Kashiwagi meets three girls, one boy and one teacher on his way to school one day. He doesn’t exactly hit it off with any of them but, lo and behold, they all turn up in his class at school. What’s the deal? What is more, by the end of the day, all of them have declared their love for him. Then they move in with him. By now you get the picture that something is not quite right about “Love Flops”. Surely it cannot be THAT bad? Is it really bolted together from a whole bunch of other cliched shows? Then space aliens invade. Then there are magical girls, super spies and fantasy rubbers…. And what the heck is going on???!! The whole thing is batshit crazy the audience doesn’t know if it is intended on taking itself seriously. If you haven’t dropped this after the first few episodes it is probably because you are awaiting the punchline. Something about the first half of this show tells you that we are waiting an explanation for its serious weirdness. Thankfully the explanation does finally arrive with Kashiwagi waking up in his own bed one day to find that everything has changed. The girls have all gone and no one at school knows who he is. What happened? You’ll have to tune in to find out but the second half of the show features plot concept much better delivered one year before in the J.C.Staff movie “Sing a Bit of Harmony”. There really is nothing wrong with the plot of this little show but it sadly lacks a lot in delivery. The audience could have bought into the madness of the first half if the second half showed a bit of sophistication. It does not. The second half is as stupid as the first half and really makes no more sense. Trying to squish the whole thing into a science fiction format is abrupt and doesn’t work. Sadly, it is the only way to resolve the plot but comes across as if the writers ran out of ideas and decided upon something like “it-was-all-just-a-bad-dream!”. Give your audience a break. Seriously? We all know how this smultz is going to end. Happy ending. Vomit. Sickly and ill-considered. Decidedly low rent and dumb. A flaccid concept that barely registers as entertainment. It had potential but failed to come up with the goods.


what the fuck is going on. Im seriously lost watching this and I think you would be too. (note: I rated story 5 because I really dont know how to rate this, so I went with average) The first episode was just a cliché harem anime, with some slight foreshadowing on some past or lost memory. The following two are still cliché, but we start to see a trend of one episode dedicated to one girl each. Then it gets crazy for like 2 episodes, with one of the girls being a shinobi straight out of china, and the other one being a magical girl that has an alien companion, EXCUSE ME??? The next episode is when the shit starts to really get confusing. The typical beach episode starts, and I was kinda lost, thinking that it should've been the girl with blue hair's turn to get an episode dedicated to her character development (like we had in the last 4 episodes), and then I noticed how that same girl did not appear at all during this episode, it was kinda weird but I just imagined she stayed home studying or would just join in later. Anyways, spoiler alert, what happened was that this was a simulation that the mc signed up for, and that it had just broken because of some system error. Remember those foreshadowing flashbacks? yeah they were of a girl that had had her memory copied from her scientist dad, and the former happened to be the mc's childhood friend that died randomly. Yeah, I was lost too. To sum up, I can't really give a proper review yet since not everything has come out yet, and its an original anime series, but I'd say it's worth a watch, especially if you like Darling in the FRANXX, another anime original with weird writing all over the place. not what you sign up for

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