Love, Election & Chocolate

Alt title: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate

TV (12 eps)
3.528 out of 5 from 5,373 votes
Rank #3,846

Yuuki Oojima and his childhood friend Chisato Sumiyoshi belong to the Food Research Club, a sociable place in school dedicated to chatting and taste testing the latest snacks. Other members include their close friend Mifuyu, Yuuki’s self-proclaimed homosexual lover Yume, gadget developer Nozomi, the inseparable duo Ai and Kii, reserved Michiru, and an advisor who drinks all day. But with the next student council presidential election looming, popular candidate Satsuki plans to preserve school funding by terminating obstructive clubs - including theirs! Realizing the Food Research Club is in jeopardy if she is elected, the members declare a presidential campaign of their own. Can Yuuki and his invaluable friends win the election to protect their precious snack-eating society, or will they be disbanded for good?

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“Nothing ventured nothing gained” That is one of the quotes that came to my mind after starting this anime. The main protagonist Yuuki Oojima has the option to run for an election to save his precious club, he starts his election after hearing similar words from people around him. At first I thought Choi to Senkyo to Chocolate would be your typical school club romance type anime. For me it ended up becoming so much more. It starts out with a dramatic event that honestly makes hardly any sense until you get quite a ways into the anime. Once things start to make sense though this anime seems too really shine. One of the things it portrays is that politics aren’t always what they seem on the surface. There is always a struggle behind the scenes and this is one of the topics this anime tackles in a very interesting fashion. Throughout the anime it confronts the things that happen on the surface and behind the scenes in politics. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate also has the drama and romance to go with it that makes it all the more intriguing. Each character has their own story and their own reasons for doing things. They are all unique and make the story come together wonderfully. As for Koi to Senkyo to Chocolates flaws, it definitely does have them, though most are easy to look over. One of it’s biggest flaws I think is that it sometimes feels rushed sometimes. I would have liked to see this anime more around 23 episodes. It also has it’s cliché’s like most anime, things seem to always work out for the better. Oh and they never explain some things like how Oojima seems to see some people in a strange way, though it’s easy to make speculations. Overall I was very impressed, especially considering I wasn’t expecting much of anything of this anime. It has all the factors to make it a very enjoyable watch. I also don’t know of many anime’s that present politics and romance in the way this anime does, which made it even more enjoyable. Either way whether you enjoy drama, romance, or politics this is a good watch!


Overall for a summer anime that starts out really fluffy, it does really well. It combines a lot of things that would attract viewers (yaoi jokes and obvious harem setup) without really looking overdone.  One of the best parts I found was that the protagonist was quite different from the usual male who gets a lot of women after him just because of his honesty. I do not know many anime's which feature a guy actually rejecting a girl outright at a point in time. Usually it is just ignoring it with the passive approach. The types of girls that are love interests are also a bit unusual, although the childhood friend is there, he gets a guy who is into him, the rest of his club including the teacher who sponsers the club, and even an opponent. The plot itself is quite silly, a amazing idea for a club (make and eat candy!) is threatened to be axed by the frontrunner of the student council election, so instead of just accepting they decide to run for president on their own without a real plan. Less about popularity like real school council elections and more political with crazy things like bodygaurds and shady deals and corruption in the government. Besides the light plot, there emerges some drama with exactly why another club is backing what is really a longshot and some other things that is typical for a plot twist. What would have made it better is if it was twice as long, giving enough time to really flesh out the plot points better, but it did well with the 12 episodes that it got. It sectioned out both the fun and the serious with good timing while keeping the overall timeframe as being during and about this election. 


Story/Summery: At a school that is pretty much ran by the students that attend it, a group of students that do nothing but lounge around and eat snacks have to band together to save there hang out spot by getting one of there own to become the president of the school. the events that happen after this fact come off as either normal to something out of a spy movie (the ones with a lot of backstabbing and dramatic staring). thats pretty much what this romantic comedy is using as a base. Animation: I'm watching this on my computer off a website so the actual quality of this escapes me. from what it looks to me is that its what's to be expected from today. you wont see any seriously aweful animations or bad scenery so just be happy with that. Sound: Opening song is good. I wouldnt download it but its alright enough to not want to skip it or anything BG Songs and sounds are good. from happy times to the suspensful stuff, you wont think to yourself that they shouldve added more cowbell. Ending song is alright. a little info on my likings, my fave ending songs are from Cassherns sins and Karin. now go listen to them! Character: The main character (oojima or ushima) is not deep, the people around him are just shallow (with one or two exceptions). So you got your hidden unrequited love, your clingy childhood friend and even an over the top girl genius. the familiar bases have all been touched. you get some spice to the formula but not much. since this is some what of a "guy choosing what girl to be with forever" kind of anime, the choices of what girls to choose from are pretty generic. like the childhood friends best friend or the underclassmen who's to peppy for the stuff she has to deal with, even the rival candidate seems to come right out of the harem hand book. the only person who caught me off guard was the teacher (who later on became my favorite character). she, out of the whole show, is the only character to ever be truly fleshed out.  There are a lot of filler characters to add to the roster. the other dude in the club who's gay or the president of the student protection squad who knew what girl the MC was gonna choose before I did are the only ones worth mentioning. Overall: this is a low one for me. the back story about chocolate being a comforter for the death of a sibling to the hit in run that happened on episode 1 only to be talked about all the way on episode 10 really didnt help me with this show. the biggest problem was the choice the dude made for  who he was going to be with. a lot of huff and puff just so that oojima could go out with the person who anyone would say is a clingy needy jealous head case. theres others problems as well but they just add insult to injury.  and what ever happen to the presidency? well it just kinda got taken to the hills and shot, or at least thats what it seemed like.

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