Lost Universe

TV (26 eps)
3.412 out of 5 from 1,469 votes
Rank #3,734

When Kane Blueriver, Milly, and Canal seek out wealth aboard the star ship Sword Breaker, many mishaps will ensue, as these trouble contracters take on bounty cases across the universe. That is, until Kane discovers the secret behind his grandmother's ship and the ever expanding threat of Nightmare, an evil crime syndicate that wants to rule the universe.

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A Blade of Light Shines image

Episode 1

A Blade of Light Shines

The Goddess Flies image

Episode 2

The Goddess Flies

The Kitchen Dances image

Episode 3

The Kitchen Dances

Coconut Crabs Kill image

Episode 4

Coconut Crabs Kill

Flames Roar image

Episode 5

Flames Roar

Fallen Angels Run image

Episode 6

Fallen Angels Run

The Chess Players Meet image

Episode 7

The Chess Players Meet

Nina Worries image

Episode 8

Nina Worries

The Bathroom Disappears image

Episode 9

The Bathroom Disappears

Vagrants Decide image

Episode 10

Vagrants Decide

Friends Scatter image

Episode 11

Friends Scatter

The Rain of Tears Ends image

Episode 12

The Rain of Tears Ends

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