Lost Universe

TV (26 eps)
3.413 out of 5 from 1,380 votes
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When Kane Blueriver, Milly, and Canal seek out wealth aboard the star ship Sword Breaker, many mishaps will ensue, as these trouble contracters take on bounty cases across the universe. That is, until Kane discovers the secret behind his grandmother's ship and the ever expanding threat of Nightmare, an evil crime syndicate that wants to rule the universe.

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I didnt see a review for this great anime i just finished so i figured why not add one :)  No spoilers inside.story - as far as the story goes its pretty straightforward. there isnt any slow spots or buildup, this show is good right from the start and in my opinion thats what makes a anime great. there are some unexpected surprises in the plot here and there that really add to quality and development of the over all story.animation -  the art style is similar to something like gunsmith cats. it has a very 80's early 90s classic anime vibe to it. very very aesthetically pleasing i enjoyed the animation more than any recent newer anime i have watched. it has detail, it has good color and shading and you can see the animators spent alot of time in some of the complex citys and darker scenes. it must have took weeks to draw some of these short 20-30 second clips. the imagination and vision of the animators is pure genius with raw talent and skill. music - well there is some repettive music throughout the episodes that does somewhat get kind of old but they manage to keep it fresh with good new songs here and there, so i think they could have done slightly better on the sound side id say it evens out because while we are on the topic of music - this has probably one of thee- best opening themes for an anime i have heard. im not saying its great, but it is definetly one of the better memorable ones. one that you will enjoy listening and will not skip.characters - so, if you are a fan of star wars you will definetly enjoy this anime, the reason i say that is due to numerous facts but without giving any real spoilers the characters use energy swords or sabers, much like lightsabers and they also use something similar to "the force" from star wars. comparing it to anime  it is similar to me to the likes of outlaw star and other space sci-fi anime. overall - i give it a 10. i definetly reccomend you to watch this anime. it is highly underated and deserves more views.

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