Lord of Lords Ryu Knight: Adeu's Legend

Alt title: Haou Taikei Ryuu Knight: Adeu Legend

OVA (13 eps)
1994 - 1995
3.183 out of 5 from 59 votes
Rank #12,577

Once upon a time, fierce warriors fought against the evil Vongalis and sealed him away, but paid a terrible price in the process. Now, the key to the world’s safety lies with Princess Paffy, the Keeper of the Seal, and many demons are out for her life so that they can revive the dark villain once more. Armed with mecha known as Ryu, an unlikely band of heroes will join together to try and keep her safe. Now, the eager, would-be knight Adeu, mercenary Sarutobi and paladin Izumi must travel with Paffy and help save the world.

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