Lord Marksman and Vanadis

Alt title: Madan no Ou to Vanadis

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Dec 27, 2014

Oh look, an anime based on light novels. Without watching a single episode, I can tell you with certainty it is about a bland protagonist with super amazing talents nobody else has, a collection of objectified girls for the audience to drool over, and a plot that is poorly conceived and exists just as lazily written empowerment fantasy. The end.

… Hm, what’s that? I am being biased? I condemn all light novels without giving them a chance to prove otherwise? You are right, I should give this one a chance. Maybe it’s going to be something completely different, fresh, original, and mind blowing which will forever change the way we perceive light novels.

… Nope, it’s one of the same shit.

“Oh but wait!” some will protest. “This storyline is actually very original! It has a protagonist who uses a bow instead of a sword!” Really, a bow instead of a sword; that is inconceivable. Does that mean that he doesn’t have broken powers only he possesses that magically own every opponent he fights; or that every girl he encounters is fully dressed, modest, and doesn’t want to suck his water hose; or that he is not a super special person that everybody roots for and the only one who matters in the plot?

… Nope, it’s one of the same shit.

“Oh come on!” those same some will keep saying. “The battles in this show are far better than in any other action anime. They have wars with huge armies, and they use field tactics, and formations, and plan ahead, and it has politics, and intrigue amongst factions!” Is that so, well that means it has to be amazing.

… Nope, it’s one of the same shit.

The battles look horrible. The budget is so small that they are using still images; they are closer to a picture book than actual wars. As for the so called field tactics, all they are doing is showing you a simulation with CGI chess pieces. Oh my god, this war is so fierce and bloody, look how the black peons are knocking down the white peons. Oh the inhumanity! Oh the cruelty!

And by the way, do you know how important these so-called wars are in the plot? As important as the garbage I threw away this morning. No matter how many soldiers fight and die, all the battles are eventually won by a showdown amongst the overpowered leaders. What is even the point to have these poor bastards dying by the thousands and pretending their struggles mean anything, as their CGI peons get knocked over by black peons? Just have a fighting tournament or something and spare their lives.

So yeah, it always boils down to the leaders, which are these super powerful magician chicks who dress as if they are cosplay whores. I mean, I understand that they need to look cool and sexy so they can please the otakus, but the animators are not even trying to present them in a respectable manner. Their uniforms are very revealing and completely impractical for battle, with their boobs bouncing as if they too are field tactics, trying to fool the enemy into looking at them instead of the gargantuan energy beams they are firing at them.

The only time they are not wearing those ridiculous armors is when they are naked and having a bath. And oh, what a coincidence, the protagonist is somehow always accidentally bumping on them for the first time, when they are naked in the bathroom. It must be some sort of field tactic too, right? It’s in no way objectifying them, so the audience can see them as nothing more than fapping material.

Anyways, these cosplay whores… oh sorry, I meant war maidens, are pretty much doing all the work. They waste armies with their magic, thus rendering the wars pointless, and then fight each other. But their fight is never ending with the death of one of them because the protagonist will always intervene and throw in a friendship speech which will make their privates wet and new additions to his fak hole collection. Which means, even the showdowns become pointless. Hell, the whole conflict is pointless if all it matters to settle the difference between these warring factions is a friendship speech by a bland harem lead.

Say, what exactly is the protagonist doing in this show, other than holding a bow instead of a sword? I mean, it is established that the war whores do all the work, and that he is not an elite warrior, or a major noble, or has an army under his command. Hell, the story begins with him being a hostage to the enemy faction. So what the heck is his role, if he has nothing to do in the show? Well, after bumping on the naked cosplay maidens and exchanging a few lines of boring exposition, they magically decide to help him protect his land, and give him a whole army, and defeat evil leaders. Basically no justification at all.

What a lovely bunch of people these evil leaders are by the way, laughing maniacally, raping women for fun, and abandoning their armies at the first sight of problem. You totally see the depth and attention the writer gave them so you will hate them ten seconds after they are introduced. But hey, they have huge armies, and control ferocious dragons, so they are definitely not gonna be pushovers if they encounter the protagonist, right?

… Nope, it’s one of the same shit.

You see, the protagonist has seduced all the war maidens (maidens my ass) so they do all the work for him. Also, his bow fires energy beams like it’s a freaking photon cannon. How does it do that? Never explained, it’s just there for plot convenience. He even combines its strength with that of the bed women for extra power, so no armies, or dragons, or elite black knights stand a chance against his very smart field tactics called “having overpowered weapons that the enemy doesn’t”.

Which also poses the question, why do they waste their time in field tactics that last for days and cost thousands of lives, instead of simply using the bow right away and be done with it. I guess they don’t do it because every battle would end immediately, instead of dragging unnecessarily and always ending with a cop out.

Although I haven’t read the novels (why the hell would I read that shit?) from what I heard they took out 90% of the plot but kept all the fan service scenes. That shows what priorities the animators had. We get another lazily made light novel adaptation, made solely for advertising the source material by showing us only the worst parts of it.

If you enjoy watching the exact same plot repeating every 3 episodes (see new girl naked, have pointless war, have meaningless showdown, have the protagonist sniping an assassin and using a friendship speech, repeat process) then go on and try this sucker. If on the other hand you want an actually good medieval title with wars, go rewatch the old Berserk series. It also had a small budget but at least it treated its characters with respect and doesn’t recycle the same harem plot every 3 episodes.

3/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall
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Oct 4, 2014

Haiiii~ (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ ♥

Welcome to my Lord Marksman and Vanadis review! I've been following up on this show since episode 1, every single week... and all I can say is that for me, out of all the shows I watched this season, this one was the most disappointing.

And I was a bit sceptical when I decided to watch this title, however...


The whole story is based on Lord Tigre and him bringing freedom to the land he owns, also helping Eleonora, a war maiden to fight evil or something. The whole story is fairly difficult to follow, I was very confused in last 6-7 episodes or whatever.

Oh and if you're expecting lots of harem and ecchi this show is a no no. There are plenty of big boobs, but the show isn't based on them. So yeah if you want boobs go watch highschool DxD or Seikon no Qwaser 

After watching 2-3 first episodes I was expecting the story to develop into something great, with lots of characters and backstories and everything a decent anime title has. However... I got almost nothing.

The whole story is based heavily on war, war and more war. They just fight for something then they fight again and they fight and he's hurt but no he's alright the night later then he shoots with his bow and this bitch has a sword and boobs and they fight and fight no story development whatsoever. War, war, boobs, talking bow, boobs, war, whet.

I will say that the story is somewhat entertaining. Even though the episodes are kinda repetitive and the story is boring. It's still fun to watch boobs bounce and horses die (never thought I would use those two in a sentence...)

10/10 for disappointment. 6/10 for actual story.


Lots of pros and lots of cons when it comes to the animation. 

What I like: the character design, vivid colors, the environment, the whole middle age style, their superpowers.

What I dislike: the cutscenes, horseriding, several sloppy scenes.

What else can I note about the animation. I like the style and all, but it just feels like it's not polished enough. You know, sometimes the body shape just doesn't look right, but you kinda know it's right... uh... ???

So in conclusion, this anime has a really vivid and unique kind of animation. But it's just not polished enough.

I like how characters are done, I also like the style. I don't like the cutscenes and several badly done scenes/stills. So 6/10


Nothing wrong with the sound, the soundtrack is nothing special, but also nothing bad about it.

I love the voice acting, all of the voices fit the characters. 7/10


Let's start off by saying how well they could have developed all these characters. BUT THEY DIDN'T. The whole story focuses on war so much that they just don't have time to properly develop these poor characters. So that's what I don't like.

Almost all the relevant characters are really attractive (Eleonora . . . ) so the characters are eye candy for the guys (and maybe even for the girls). And I am SO glad the main character isn't a ''typical ecchi protagonist'' , he's more like a loyal insanely talented marksman who's ready to kill and cut btchz 

So I love the character design and almost all characters are somewhat likeable. I like most of their personalities but I hate how I don't know any details about them. Great concept but a poor development.



Entertaining. This show is one of those that don't really stand out, but still don't really suck either. I'd say this anime is worth watching, even if it's just for the bouncy boobies. There's nothing wrong with bouncy boobies. 

So basically, I AM disappointed by this show, but that's only because I was expecting more from it. Episode 1 and 2 seemed so awesome.

This anime is definitely not bad, but it's far from what I expected it to be.

That's all.

Thank you for reading this review! I'd reccommend this anime to anyone who likes umm. war? 

Rate if you found this review helpful, funny, or just like it. I have more anime reviews so check them out if you want!

Thanks and have a nice day ^^

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Jan 11, 2015

This is first harem anime that i have seen without the 50/50 story/fanservice it was more 70/30 story/fanservice but the fan service was thrown at you at just the right times anyways the only thing i saw that was bad is the hair going under the eyes thats the only thing that bugs me

Ps:this is not my first anime of any sorts ive watched 50+ anime during my life and this wont be my last by any standards

Peace Out People, OmnipotentPatrick

8.9/10 story
5.8/10 animation
10/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
9.9/10 overall
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Mar 8, 2015

It's tough to actually judge Lord Marksman and Vanadis because it's made up of three distinct parts.

The first part I can divide this series into is a pretty standard fare shonen-with-powers-fighting-against-the-world. There's the protagonist, who has this utterly ridiculous skill with a bow, along with war maidens with powerful, elemental weapons, and a few assorted heroic figures and monsters for good measure. However, I do appreciate the subversion with the protagonist. Bows are by no means a normal protagonist weapon; unless magically charged by default, they can be seen as boring at best and cowardly at worst. I feel that this was a welcome departure from the bog-standard shonen protagonists who generally gain a magical sword within the first episode and use it for flashy, named attacks. Showing that any single war maiden is several times powerful than him also helps. To make up for this, Tigre takes tide-turning, nigh-impossible shots to show his force as the main character. But at the same time, he gets reminded several times that his arrows are not all powerful, being deflected by magical wind, swords, and even the backhand of a gauntlet. I thoroughly enjoyed Tigre as a protagonist, mostly for the fact that he wasn't braindead with enough power in his weapon that he could just brute force his way through whatever odds he was faced with this particular week.

So I can get this out of the way, the second part I recognized was the ecchi/harem. A quick lookup of the characters on Google Images can show that isn't a good sign. Most of the lead females have massive tits and revealing clothes for what seems to be no reason. Both them and the flatter (not by much to my recollection) females in the cast are magnetically attracted to the protagonist even when there's important work to be done. Frankly, this felt like it was completely interrupting the flow of the rest of the series. if it hadn't already been a light novel, I would have thought that all the characters had received breast augmentations and love potions for the sole purpose of attracting more guys to watch it.

However, with the ecchi out of the way, I think the wartime atmosphere was the best part of Lord Marksman and Vanadis. Tigre and his allies manage quite a few things when dealing with an army: morale, supplies, strategy. Detailing these aspects was definitely what made me enjoy watching this. Paired with the special, but not invincible nature of the shonen part actually made it even better: sure, the war maidens can hold off as many troops as there are oxygen molecules in their lungs given enough time, but what about the rest of the battle? Someone has to hold off the other half of the enemy army, and the war maidens can't be everywhere at once. How the show handles these parts, especially the chessboard-style diagram of each side's tactics really made it for me.


Olga was shown in the opening, but I don't remember if they even mentioned her outside of listing off the seven war maidens. What was the point of that? Was Satelight expecting more episodes and didn't want to change the opening halfway through?

Also, I want Titta to win. I can't imagine the pain of growing up with your crush and then getting NTR'd by a mob of top-heavy warlords. I realize that the series isn't over at this point in the anime (it seems that the light novels are still ongoing too), but not being the lead female is usually a death sentence.

?/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
?/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Aug 5, 2017

Great anime. The story goes smoothly with excelent characters. It is a tremendous waste that this ( as many others..) anime didn´t get the chance of a sequel. 

Anyway, aside harem element, wich is so NOT the foundation of this anime, you can watch with no regrets.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
7/10 sound
10/10 characters
9/10 overall