Little Busters! Refrain

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2013
4.313 out of 5 from 3,555 votes
Rank #424

The Little Busters may have completed their baseball team, but the game isn’t over yet as Riki discovers that they are reliving the same day over and over again. As Riki sets out to unravel the cause of one strange occurrence, he stumbles upon many more as he grows closer to learning the reason behind his narcolepsy and the secrets of the world. But the closer Riki grows to the truth, the further the Little Busters drift apart as the mystery of their world begins to unravel.

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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It Struck Without Warning image

Episode 1

It Struck Without Warning

It Was Raining Back Then, Too image

Episode 2

It Was Raining Back Then, Too

I Wanted to Stay Here Forever image

Episode 3

I Wanted to Stay Here Forever

Riki and Rin image

Episode 4

Riki and Rin

The Final Task image

Episode 5

The Final Task

After the Escape image

Episode 6

After the Escape

May 13 image

Episode 7

May 13

Proof of the Strongest image

Episode 8

Proof of the Strongest

A Friend's Tears image

Episode 9

A Friend's Tears

And Now, I Repeat It All image

Episode 10

And Now, I Repeat It All

The End of the World image

Episode 11

The End of the World

One Wish image

Episode 12

One Wish

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zombiealy's avatar
zombiealy Nov 10, 2015
Score 9.5/10

There aren't any spoilers in my review but it will give away somethings so this is just a warning before you read!!  Little Busters! Refrain felt very different in a good way. At first you're watching it and it feels like your normal Slice Of Life styled anime. You get introduced to many characters then little things go wrong here an there. You really don't understand what's going on what so ever... read more

AnimeFan27's avatar
AnimeFan27 Nov 7, 2014
Score 9.5/10

True friendship and growing as a person This is a review about season 1 and 2, because you have to watch both to feel the emotional impact. Basically, the first episodes begin with a hilarious comedy with the heartbreaking moments and past scars increasing with each episode until one arc is over. Especially, the last two arcs(Haruka and Kud) where so impressing and touching, but maybe due to the lack of OST... read more

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