Link Click: Marrying by Contesting

Alt title: Shiguang Dailiren: Biwu Zhaoqin

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In order to marry Ouyang, the daughter of the master of martial arts, Siwen commissioned the Time Photo Studio to help him crack the master's unique martial arts.

Source: Funimation

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Step into the time-bending world of "Link Click: Marrying by Contesting," where Qiao Ling and Cheng Xiaoshi delve into the past to help a desperate man win the heart of his love. This emotional episode offers a sweet escape with a touch of humor, but does it capture your heart like a lucky shot in a video game, or leave you feeling like a missed connection? Let's find out! Love Struck: Strengths that Shine Heartwarming Premise: The story's core, centered on an elderly man's unwavering love for his childhood sweetheart, tugs at your heartstrings and reminds you of the enduring power of true affection. Character Connections: The interactions between Qiao Ling, Cheng Xiaoshi, and the elderly man feel genuine and touching. You'll find yourself rooting for their success in this emotional quest. Time Travel Twist: While not the main focus, the time-travel element adds a unique layer to the story and allows for insightful glimpses into the past. It's a reminder of how choices ripple through time. Emotional Impact: Get ready for some feels! This episode packs an emotional punch, exploring themes of regret, second chances, and the importance of pursuing your dreams. Minor Glitches: Areas for Improvement Limited Scope: As a single episode, the story feels condensed, leaving some character motivations and backstories unexplored. You might crave a deeper dive into their lives. Predictable Resolution: While sweet, the ending might feel a bit predictable for some viewers who enjoy unexpected twists and turns. Unique Connection: What Sets it Apart Focus on Mature Love: This episode offers a refreshing portrayal of love that transcends age and challenges societal expectations. It's a heartwarming reminder that love knows no bounds. Emotional Depth in Short Runtime: Despite its brevity, the episode manages to deliver a surprisingly emotional punch, exploring themes that resonate with viewers of all ages. Pulling the Plug: Final Verdict "Link Click: Marrying by Contesting" is a heartwarming tale that delivers emotional depth and a sweet message about love's enduring power. While a few elements might feel predictable, the episode's charming characters, compelling premise, and focus on mature love make it a worthwhile watch. So, grab your tissues, buckle up, and prepare to be transported on a journey through time for love!

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