Lime-iro Senkitan

TV (13 eps)
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On February 10, 1904, Japan entered a war with Russia; but Japan, in order to turn the tides, must destroy the Russian Pacific fleet before it is able to bring reinforcements. Battling on the front lines are brave men and women, and a secret team of specially-trained young girls who can control Raimu spirits with their will: the Raimu Unit. Enter Shintaro Umakai - a teacher who has accepted a job aboard the battleship Amanohara to teach the Raimu unit; however, Shintaro discovers his job has far more duties than he first anticipated: he must have sex with the young Kuki so the ship can awaken, he must dodge the sexual advances of his students, he must avert his eyes from Momen's constant accidental panty shots, and most importantly he must assume the role of their new commander once their old one is whisked away by the enemy. There's a war going on - what's a guy to do?

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