Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout

Alt title: Fantasy Bishoujo Juniku Ojisan to

TV (12 eps)
3.612 out of 5 from 3,490 votes
Rank #4,262

Childhood friends Tachibana Hinata and Jinguji Tsukasa were living the everyday life of office workers. Then, on the way home from a mixer, they were sent flying into another world by a mysterious being. Once there, Jinguji sees his best friend has been turned into a beautiful blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl...?! The adorableness of Tachibana’s female form completely flummoxes Tachibana. But these two are each others’ best friends. To keep their relationship from being destroyed, they must defeat the Demon Lord as quickly as possible and return to their original forms.

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An endearing, but ultimately mediocre little comedy/romance. It has a decent enough premise, and all the trappings of a fair comedy, but it didn't quite grasp me like I wanted it to. I can't quite put my finger on what specifically I didn't like about it, but I found myself watching the episodes at 2x speed just to stay engaged enough to keep watching. Story - Our 2 MCs are a couple of salarymen who've been best bros since their school days. One day, they get Isekai'd to a fantasy world where they're heros, except one of them has humorously been turned into a cute girl, and they've both been "cursed" to where they find each other extremely attractive. Hilarity ensues as they desperately try to complete the quest they've been given so that they can return to normal. It's a reasonably interesting premise, which is why I picked up the show to begin with, and it has some pretty endearing moments. Unfortunately it just failed to capture my interest very much as it progressed. To be clear, there's nothing specific I don't care for, and nothing that feels actively bad, and honestly it was good enough that I stuck through and finished it. It just didn't really make me feel anything. 5/10; About as middle-of-the-road as you can get Animation - Actually quite a lot better than I had anticipated. There's some good designs, excellent backgrounds, and impressive animation for what seemed and felt like a B-tier project. It's nothing spectacular, mind, but it's more than I'd expected. 7/10; Impressively above average Sound - I feel like I can't quite give a proper rating of this category, as I watched most of the show at 2x speed and it messes up the songs and sfx when you do that. Nevertheless, I was quite satisfied with the Voice work. ?/10; Won't rate as it seems unfair Characters - As with a lot of these shows, there's very few noteworthy characters, and the only ones that really show any demonstrable growth are the main characters. Nevertheless, I was actually quite impressed with the growth shown by the MCs, and even the side characters felt a fair bit more in-depth than the trope cutouts I was expecting. Again, it's not stellar, but it's more than I'd been anticipating. 6/10; Above average but still lacking Overall - A moderately amusing, but woefully forgettable tale. I honestly can't really say much more than that about it. 6/10; I didn't hate it, but it's about as "mid" as they come.


Life With an Ordinary Guy Who Reincarnated Into a Total Fantasy Knockout is one of the funniest isekai anime I have watched so far this year. It concerns childhood friends, Hinata Tachibana and Tsukasa Jinguji, leaving a mixer after a day of work at the office. Drunk out of his mind, Tachibana wishes to become a sharp-looking blonde girl...and the Goddess of Love and Beauty can more than oblige. Tachibana and Jinguji arrive at a parallel world where Tachibana is immediately murdered and reincarnated into a beautiful blonde girl while Jinguji can be a worthy opponent to Saitama. The two are made heroes by the Goddess of Love assigned to slay the Demon Lord. This show is immensely entertaining with how the two protagonists make jabs at some of the setting concepts such as by outright accusing the Goddess of Love as being an exhibitionist. What makes the show for me is the comedy with each joke hitting more than they missed. My favorite moment is when Jinguji one hits a monster revealed to be the guardian's forest spirit. That is bad. Then they sell the pelt and EAT THE MEAT FROM THE SAME GUARDIAN DEITY THEY HAD JUST KILLED! Oh my god. I also love how one character is a clear jab at Kirito and the poor dude has the worst luck imaginable. It's an episodic series but none of it feels like feeler due to how much it had me busting my gut laughing. Characters: The main duo is made for each other. Tachibana can be short-tempered, childish, and bratty, but Tachibana did not seem to be too broken up by suddenly becoming a woman. In fact, Tachibana (now Audrey) tries to seduce Jinguji a few times to get him to admit that he was bewitched. Jinguji is the more serious unit of the show who is bluntly honest with a lot of his views and opinions. He has that "won't take this crap" attitude making him come across as unapologetic. He seemingly has no attraction for girls prior to Tachibana being transformed which now meant that he had to put up a mental struggle as a way of keeping his friendship with Tachibana pure. The supporting characters are also great additions: Lou is a disgraced elf chieftess who envies Tachbina for her beauty and sets out on a quest to hunt both of them down when Jinguji ripped her ponytail off. She is antagonistic, but I love her and, admittedly, she is cuter without the ponytail. Then there is Schwartz von Liechtenstein Lohengramm also from the Earth who was made a hero by the Night Goddess ( a chill character in her own right). The dude can't catch a break: he is accused of performing blasphemy despite him having a crest to prove his status, and Tachibana rips out his hopes and dreams and mashes them under her foot when she reveals the truth to him. Sound: The OP Akatsuki no Salaryman is a real rocking song. The ending is also great. The voice work also works in its favor with the actors being able to change the tone of their voices for the more outlandish scenes. Animation: Works for the style of show. Ultimately an enjoyable show. 

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