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Alt title: L/R: Licensed by Royalty

TV (12 eps)
2.874 out of 5 from 333 votes
Rank #5,919

"Which is the L, and which is the R?" That's one question Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickenbacker of the duo L/R hear much too often. Employed by the Royal Family as secret agents, it's their job to carry out various agendas to protect the good of the people of Ishtar. With Jack's suave manner and Rowe's rebellious attitude, there's nothing that can keep them from their goals - whether it be helping restore a long-lost princess to her throne, racing against time (and a laser-shooting satellite) to find treasure within ancient ruins, or discovering the identity of a mysterious terrorist called Angel.

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Rbastid Jun 14, 2010
Score 6/10

British accents, secret agents, cool cars, sexy women, I can't help but think we've been down this road before in film and anime, despite that L/R is quite entertaining and has a nice original twist to the old plot. Story - 6/10 The series is a mix of Live and Let Die and the original Casino Royal.  With the fictitious Ishtar as the setting, Jack Hofner and Rowe Rickenbacker (Lovingly named after... read more

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Licensed by Royal Special
  • DVD Special (1 ep)
  • 2003

Episode 3.5 released on the DVDs, known as Episode 13 in the R1 release.

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