Leveling up in a Fantasy World

Alt title: Wo Zai Xianjie Zheng Jifen

Web (40 eps x 9 min)
2022 - 2023
3.607 out of 5 from 34 votes
Rank #4,352
Leveling up in a Fantasy World

When Qin Huai opens his eyes, he finds himself in a fantasy world and is even linked to a silly system, telling him that he can be the ruler of the world now. Can something so amazing be true? Having resigned to his fate, Qin Huai began to work around the clock in the fantasy world. Earning points day and night, of course he's going to enjoy the rewards! Divine weapons, precious treasures, unmatched manuals, and his sweet and gentle junior sister. He's enjoying them all! What is daily life like in the sect, you ask? Of course, on the outside, he pretends to be a slacker, but in reality, he wants to be the strongest of all! He is leveling up faster than anyone else and can even accidentally save the whole sect! But the sect elders hatch a plot to kill him, the Heavenly Demon Sect launches a massive attack on the mountain, and the four sects of the Immortal Alliance begin to fall apart... Let's find out how the young man gets the hang of the system and conquers the fantasy world!

Source: Youku

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