Letter Bee Academy

Alt title: Tegami Bachi Gakuen

DVD Special (25 eps x 3 min)
3.514 out of 5 from 505 votes
Rank #3,176

Welcome to the Tegami Bachi Gakuen, a place where all prospective Letter Bees come to learn. Taking the lectures is Dr. Thunderland and his students give him the utmost respect and hang on his every word... at least that’s what he’d LIKE to believe. In truth his small class seems more content to slack off, munch on snacks or even doze than listen to the aged professor discussing the finer points of a Bee’s duties. Nonetheless, Dr. Thunderland strives to educate those that will listen on myriad subjects, such as what spirit amber is or how to defeat a gaichuu.

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PurplePeopleEater Jun 14, 2016
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Letter Bee Acadamy is a short anime featuring Lag, Connor, Zazzi, Gauche, and their dingos as students and Dr. Thunderland Juniors father Dr. Thunderland as the teacher. It is not part of the Letter Bee anime and the art style is different, but the characters personalities are the same. Overall, it's cute and informative. The episodes cover various topics and give a brief lecture about them which can be useful... read more

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