Let's Make a Mug Too 2nd Season

Alt title: Yakunara Mug Cup Mo 2nd Season

TV (12 eps x 15 min)
Fall 2021
3.551 out of 5 from 396 votes
Rank #5,144

The second season of Let's Make a Mug Too.

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The second season of Let's Make A Mug Too continued the 15-minute animation, nine minute live action piece featuring the four main seiyuu.  Honestly, I felt the live action segment was promoted by the Tajimi Chamber of Commerce.  Visit picturesque Tajimi, center of all things ceramic.  At least the four ladies spent more time presenting the techniques of pottery than last year's make a plate and a meal to put on it.  And these gals bowl!!!!  Not well, if you consider the approach and throw. As for the animation, the storyline was ideal ... and botched IMHI.  The two key girls Himeno and Toko are showcased and for the same reason.  Each girl has a family member who are/were masters of the art of the potter's wheel.  Toko has her prestigious grandfather who seems unapproachable.  Himeno has her dearly departed mother Himena who was the paragon of pottery greatness.  Can Himeno ever reach her mother's level of excellence.  Her goal was to create a piece of pottery that can stand next to mom's in her father's restaurant. The other girls are there, Naoko, Himeno's best friend and line of support when Himeno feels she is not up to the task.  Naoko is forever busy in the background as Himeno agonizes over her skills.  Overly exuberant Mika who plays decent comic relief.  Add one more girl.  Chimena is a Mexican potter who has come to Tajimi to improve her skills and offer her version of Latin color and zest to her style of ceramics.  Her talent can hurt Himeno is accessing her specific approach to making the perfect piece of pottery. Other little tidbits liven up the season such as the backstory of the clay statue of Mad Demon and how he came out as a flowerpot.  But the climax comes with Himeno's effort to make that piece that could stand with her mother's masterpieces.  The resolution could be a sublime piece of wisdom ... or a dull thud. Hey, this might mean season three to give Himeno that second chance to rise to her mother's level. The amination was the same was the first season with the best pieces the panorama views of the city and the surrounding ridges.  Beyond this, the character designs were functional, making no changes to the cast other than presenting new people into the story.  The musical pieces were not up to the quality of the first year. If you believe the ending to season two was unsatisfactory, pray for season three.  If you believe Himeno can never match her mother's quality of art, then it may need rest here.  It's how the debate must rage.  It's still cute girls doing tedious things.

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