Alt title: SF Shinseiki Lensman

Movie (1 ep x 107 min)
3.056 out of 5 from 318 votes
Rank #4,894

It is the 25th century and the evil Boskone empire is invading our galaxy. Standing against the aggressors are the Galactic Patrol and their elite warriors the Lensmen – those who are given special powers by the Lens, a strange device embedded on their wrists. One Lensman steals enemy secrets and hides them in his Lens, but dies before he can deliver this information to the Patrol; his Lens transfers to Kimball Kinnison, an inexperienced farm boy. Teaming up with his alien friend Van Buskirk and the Patrolwoman Clarissa MacDougall, Kimball must finish the Lensman’s mission – before the Boskones kill him!

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valondar Dec 7, 2008
Score 5/10

It's easy to see why fans of the classic series of novels - which essentially founded the genre of space opera - dislike this film. It takes the concept of the Lens, which sort of makes sense in the novels, arbitrarily breaks the rules as to how it works (and confesses to doing so); gives an offhand reference to the power being drawn from the 'Arisians' that is never really explained; and just uses... read more

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bedheadred Nov 9, 2013
Score 6/10

A young man aims to do something more exciting than farming. His homeland is destroyed by an evil Galactic enemy and he is given super-human powers by which to save the galaxy. His comrades are a sarcastic, hairy alien and a beautiful female in white with a braided bun on the side of her head. Do you recognize any similarities here to an American pop culture icon? This mid 80′s film has aged pretty... read more

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