Legend of the Galactic Heroes Gaiden

Alt title: Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu Gaiden

OVA (24 eps x 26 min)
4.051 out of 5 from 647 votes
Rank #785

Reinhard von Musell, a member of a poor family of noble status in the Galactic Empire, is facing a great loss: his beloved sister has been sold to the corrupt Kaiser Goldenbaum. Reinhard and his loyal friend Siegfried Kircheis must climb the imperial ranks in the hopes of one day being able to overthrow the corrupt imperial aristocracy and free his sister. To achieve this Reinhard and Siegfried must survive an assassination attempt on Reinhard's life, capture an enemy base on an arctic world, solve a gruesome murder case at the imperial academy and even bring down an illegal drugs cartel!

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