Legend of the Forest

Alt title: Mori no Densetsu

Movie (1 ep x 29 min)
3.059 out of 5 from 214 votes
Rank #4,947

Set to Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony, Legend of the Forest is a voiceless tale of human encroachment into the forests and its furry and feathered inhabitants. With only a chainsaw, one man will destroy families and lives for his own selfish gain, and the citizens of the forest will never be the same. Join the varied cast of birds, trees, squirrels, gnomes and fairy folk as they struggle to survive in their dying homeland...

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sothis Jan 29, 2005
Score 3/10

Legend of the Forest is cleverly focused on the same topic as its title: the forest. Produced by the famous Osamu Tezuka in the late 80s, this 30 minute movie (which has a few definite sections) is voiceless and is basically a good old "here's why humans and the environment don't mix and why we shouldn't kill animals and cut down trees" story.

Hey, I'm all for humans being wiped out... read more

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roriconfan Jul 28, 2012
Score 5.5/10

Osamu Tezuka strikes yet again with yet another interesting experimental short movie. Legend of the Forest is interesting for its concept and not for its story or characters. What you practically get here is an excuse of a story used purely to show the evolution of animation. Each segment of the movie is done in a style that is reflecting a different decade, and as the story progresses you see the animation... read more

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