Laughing Under the Clouds

Alt title: Donten ni Warau

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2014
3.775 out of 5 from 3,139 votes
Rank #2,152
Laughing Under the Clouds

When swords were outlawed in the eleventh year of the Meiji era, the mighty samurai population began to dwindle. Those who rejected the ban on blades rebelled, causing violent unrest to erupt throughout the countryside. To combat the rise in criminal activity, an inescapable lake prison was constructed. Three young men, born of the Kumo line, were given the duty of delivering criminals to their place of confinement – but could there be more to their mission than meets the eye?

Source: Funimation

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UnicornExecutions's avatar
UnicornExecutions Dec 1, 2014
Score 10/10

The story is little odd and they re-explain things which I kinda hate it's like yeah okay we know that already thank you but otherwise I quite like it. Death, Betrayal, New hot badass anime guys to obsess over, fighting and Fantasy Also the story line takes character away, SPOILER someone dies and i am kinda hoping he doesn’t come back but I also really want him to come back Animation  I have... read more

gorfendall's avatar
gorfendall Dec 17, 2014
Score 7/10

With a title like Laughing Under the Clouds I can't exactly tell you what I was expecting while starting this anime, but whatever it was I can't say I'm disappointed.  Story:     The setting of 11th century Japan, in the midsts of internalizing western dress, customs, and technology, allows for a range of plot lines. While mainly following the lives of a family of three brothers, the... read more

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