Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair

Alt title: Last Period: Owarinaki Rasen no Monogatari

TV (12 eps)
2.894 out of 5 from 650 votes
Rank #15,893
Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair

"I’m never going to give up!! For that reason, I became a Period!!” Evil demons known as "Spiral" -made of souls who died in agony- threaten the people of the world. In order to stand up against Spirals, people founded the "Arc End". Individuals whose skills are recognized are admitted to Arc End to become “Period” to fight for peace. Hal, who failed the Period admittance test 38 times, was accidentally admitted as an “Assistant Period” in Arc End 8th Squad. Forming a team along with other new members, Gazel and Liese, he is finally able to take his first step towards reaching his goal!

Source: Crunchyroll

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Last Period is the anime to watch if you've ever wanted a comedy adventure anime making fun so called ''psuedo-gambling'' games then look no further.  is based of a game with the same title. A free to play ''gacha'' game. Functionally a gacha-game is the same as a lootbox filled (EA) game, a game where you gamble with real money to get something that has supposedly no monetary value, but sort of does, really. While the series is based on a game and has a dedicated ''meme girl''  other than her' the characters don't treat it as a game constantly. However this anime is not to be taken seriously at all as it often keeps a lampshade hanging. It is at first and foremost a comedy. As the series goes on you do get some sense of progress as most episodes do have impact on the characters but not always and often the plot doesn't really move forward making many things return to status quo. To enjoy this anime to it's fullest having some experience with gambling-styled monetization in video-games. If you've played gacha-games this anime can actually qualify for a higher rating than I am giving here.  Animation wise this anime is nothing special. The character designs as taken from the game are however at least interesting looking with some clear identity to them. The main four look like decently designed adventurers other than the main lead, who looks as in many other series absolutely bland and forgetable. Between Choco and Liza there's a bit more creativity. Liza looks like a proper adventuring mage while Choco stands out by looking quite ''puppy like''. Wiseman despite sharing a colour theme all have some personal charm as well being easy to distinguish between. Their mascot however isn't greatly inspired at all. The main party has a mascot too but I generally forget about it so you may too so yeah, forgetable mascot. Choco does a better job at being a familiar/mascot than the actual mascot of the party. Voice acting is generally okay. Liza's voice might take some getting used to in some moments but most of the time she doesn't stand out that negatively to me. Wiseman's ending theme is surprisingly catchy to me but it's not for everyone, like all music. Other than that there's nothing really remarkable. Unyu, Nipa. The characters are pretty much what makes the show, except Haru, as Haru is our self-insert character with limited personality. He does sometimes get some scenes where he has some individuality but generally it's the curse of a self-insert, he has to be as easy to relate with as possible by being as normal as possible to the death of character. Like I said before the characters are pretty fun in this show. While Choco might not be for everyone, being a walking meme maker there's at least a variety in personalities. Liza can be a little vain, greedy and self-righteous and by a little I mean plenty enough. Gajeru is a little too obsessed with an idol and gets competitve with Liza quite quickly, he's also not always the smartest. On the villains side we have a mascot like little girl named Iwazaru who only says '"úúúú" and variants thereof, she's practically a pokemon. Kikazaru is the translator of Iwazaru's noises but tends to add her own words into it, she's bespacled and probably the most level headed but Mizaru seems to be a more boyish, confident,  rash and competitive but overall they're pretty similar. Their familiar/mascot is a pervert. There's a bunch more characters but honestly this is a very basic character definition. The characters are all quite flawed but that's what makes them fun. The characters are mostly defined by their actions so writing a description like this doesn't really do them justice and you might even disagree with what I wrote in the end. Generally speaking, this anime is for people who like (japanese) fantasy games and have played games with a system of monetization similar to this one. Otherwise the humour can't really be experienced all that well as without a backdrop such as this most of the jokes will probably not be something you have experience with and therefore feel rather dull as you can't really symphasize with the characters fortunes and misfurtones in a lot of scenes

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