Last Exile

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In the world of Prestal, Noble men perform noble deeds for noble purposes. All of this is performed under the careful gaze of the Guild, a race apart who live in cities in the sky. We see this world through the eyes of Claus Valca and Lavi Head, as their travels take us above, beyond and through Prestal, and their actions cause ripples that shall never fade.

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Episode 1

(Sub) First Move

(Sub) Luft Vanship image

Episode 2

(Sub) Luft Vanship

(Sub) Transpose image

Episode 3

(Sub) Transpose

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Episode 4

(Sub) Zugzwang

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Episode 5

(Sub) Positional Play

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Episode 6

(Sub) Arbiter Attack

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Episode 7

(Sub) Interesting Claus

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Episode 8

(Sub) Takeback

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Episode 9

(Sub) Calculate Alex

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Episode 10

(Sub) Swindle

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Episode 11

(Sub) Develop

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Episode 12

(Sub) Discovered Attack

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Pantha's avatar
Pantha Oct 21, 2007
Score 6.5/10

Gonzo is bloody brilliant. They have a talent that no other studio possesses. Their anime has perhaps the most potentially awesome stories I've ever seen.  Last Exile looks like a million bucks. It has a stellar soundtrack. The intricate universe and characters are intriguing. Handled by any other studio, Last Exile would have been an anime of epic proportions. But it's too easy to... read more

Ladieburd's avatar
Ladieburd Oct 27, 2009
Score 9/10

I pick up and/or watch a lot of anime based on whims. Case in point: I found Last Exile on sale in a video store and after reading the plot synopsis, thought it sounded like fun. I previewed it via the fabulous internet and found it not only surprisingly fun but insightful and beautifully animated. While it seems to tailor to viewers that might tend toward series like Cowboy Bebop or Trigun, the anime's... read more

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