Lan Mo de Hua

Alt title: Lan Mo's Flower

Web (9 eps x 15 min)
3.407 out of 5 from 183 votes
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Lan Mo de Hua

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Lan Mo De Hua is a Mandarin Chinese romance school themed story centered around Lan Mo’s magical transformation with a floral hair clip.  Characters & Story (7/10)  The main protagonist: Lan Mo is not a stereotypical girl. She lacks the femininity, and the gentleness of a girl. Lan Mo often struggles with physical activities such as swimming, and dancing.  One day Lan Mo encounters a trinket shop shrouded in mystery. The store keeper sells Lan Mo a magical floral hair clip. The hair clip transforms the gluttonous tomboy Lan Mo into her ideal image: a  feminine and beautiful girl with long pink hair. Lan Mo calls her transformation: A Zi. During a dinner party, her transformation is revealed to Xia An. Xi An is like a charismatic knight that shields Lan Mo from danger. Xi An teaches Lan Mo how to waltz in a dinner party, takes her to meals, and saves Lan Mo from perilous situations.  Lan Mo is entangled in a slight love triangle between Lin Tiange, Liu Yifeng, and her. Liu Yifeng - Lan Mo’s crush and childhood friend often teases Lan Mo whenever she wears feminine clothing. But Liu Yifeng also considers Lan Mo as a sibling. Their close relationship is demonstrated by how attentive Liu Yifeng is when Lan Mo is injured by her dress shoes. Also, Lan Mo knows Liu Yifeng’s favorite cake flavor is durian. One of the most memorable episodes is Liu Yifeng’s birthday where the characters take turns showering Liu Yifeng with birthday gifts, and the swimming episode.   Animation is consistent and plot driven. 

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