Lady Jewelpet

TV (52 eps)
2014 - 2015
Spring 2014
3.811 out of 5 from 198 votes
Rank #1,985
Lady Jewelpet

The story centers around Monona, a girl who attended the wedding ceremony of her big brother whom she adores. However, she is whisked away by a cute rabbit-shaped Jewelpet Ruby, and before she knew it, she is in a Jewelpalace where potential candidates to become a Lady have gathered. "Momona was selected by Ruby as the best female Ladyjewel candidate for the Queen of Jewelland!?"

Source: ANN

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aleja199712's avatar
aleja199712 Jul 15, 2015
Score 8/10

If you're like me   then you will definitely like this anime It has a good romance story, but it has a good plot too. The story is set around a girl called Momona, and although at the beginning i didn't quite like her as the heroine, I came to like her. She shos at the end of the series the reason why she was choosen. The anime has some crossed storylines which make it even more interesting. Its main... read more

Carerx's avatar
Carerx Aug 21, 2018
Score 9/10

Relaxing childhood anime that I watched. I really liked this anime because it had romance and action catered to young children. The mystery is nice and the characters and love interests are nice. Oiverall a nice anime to watch. read more

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