Ladies Versus Butlers Specials

DVD Special (6 eps x 3 min)
2.632 out of 5 from 2,924 votes
Rank #6,796

It's time for the Sexy Appeal Battle, and many of the Ladies Versus Butlers cast are ready for some skin-baring, breast jiggling action. Sanae, Kaoru, Ayse, Hedyeh, Pina and the other girls bear their backsides, press their mammaries against glass (and each other), lay provocatively across tables and raise the ecchi bar to the max in hopes of winning each battle, a boisterous crowd cheering them on in the background.

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KingArthur13th Sep 22, 2013
Score 7/10

Point blank, these specials are basically just one long strip show. The speicals were strickly made for fanservice and serve no actual purpose to the original anime. Admittingly, I'm a guy who enjoys his lolis but not in a sexual manner so the third special made me pretty uncomfortable but besides that one, the others were alright I guess. I'm more of an ass man and not a breast guy either so needless to say... read more

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