Kyou kara Ore wa!!

OVA (10 eps)
1992 - 1997
3.932 out of 5 from 714 votes
Rank #1,224

Moving into a new neighborhood sometimes requires you to conform, in order to get along with the new people around you. Or, you can be like Takashi and make the neighborhood adjust to you! With steely determination and a new blonde perm, Takashi is ready to make himself the top dog of high school delinquents. But facing him is another recent arrival to his new school, with a hairstyle just as rebellious and radical. Faced with the fearsome 3rd year punks as well as this outside challenger, will Takashi be able to realise his dreams of classroom dominance?

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Based on the popular manga by Hiroyuki Nishimori, Kyou kara Ore wa!! (From Today, It's My Turn!!) is a fast-paced, in-your-face slapstick comedy that focuses on a couple of transfer students who reinvent themselves and strive to become the greatest deliquents in Japan. The 10-episode OVA has some elements of GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka), Cromartie High School, and Odd Couple mixed in each of the 50-minute episodes. The comedy is fast and furious and some of the best you'll watch in any anime series. Even the fight scenes (and there are plenty) have a comedic element that will have you ROFL while you're watching. The two deliquents Mitsuhasi and Itou cedrtainly have an Odd Couple feel to them. Mituhashi is the Oscar of the duo - he's sly, self-centered, narcissistic, and values his own safety over others, and is not afraid to "sacrifice" his friends to save his own hide. In contrat, Itou can be viewed as the Felix of the duo - kind, trustworthy, reluctant to fight unless it's absolutely necessary, and has a strong sense of justice. Both are extremely skilled, tough fighters and can handle any opponent from rival students to even the yakuza. The duo have a good supporting cast that includes the two prominent female characters in the sereis Riko (who's a friend of Mitsuhashi) and Kyouko (who dates Itou throughout the series) and arguably the best character in the series in Imai Katsutoshi, who unfortunatly can't seem to catch a break and was used mainly as comedy fodder in the series. His string of bad fortune was the series' running gag, and it worked to perfection and made the series very enjoyable to watch. Animation was pretty retro with the heavy emphasis of outlines on the character designs, which was standard for animation in the 1990's. Overall this was a fun OVA with plenty of hilarious characters, comedic timing, action, and fighting. If you are a fan of the manga this is a must-watch. Or if you're into the deliquent character type and want to watch a fun comedy with quirky and fun characters this series will fit the bill nicely.

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