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Alt title: Kuroko no Basket

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Jun 21, 2015

Do you love basketball? You want to watch great anime about your favorite sport?! Well... then go for Slam Dunk (or eventually Dear Boys).

Kuroko's Basketball isn't about basketball. They have the same ball, they play on basketball court and that's it. There's no tactics, no one know anything about this sport, basketball rules exist only in part etc.
Generally it's like Dragon Ball in school gym. Everyone have some super powers and they activate them one by one.
Unfortunately there's no real plot - it's all about action on court. Main characters don't have life outside of the game, we don't know their motivations (only "I want to be the best!"), fears or problems. They just play match after match with one scheme: at the beginning Seirin are losing, but at the end they wins, because they found the way to deactivate opponents powers or/and they activate own powers on new level. And that's it. Throughout the season.

Sounds stupid and boring? Well, partly it is. But if you don't watch too many episodes at once, it can be really fun. We have very nice animations, pretty good music and sound effects. All battles have a good dramaturgy and powers aren't exaggerated.
There's no real emotions, because you always know how it's gonna end, but trust me: you can be excited :)

3/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Mar 27, 2016

I love sports anime.  I've been hooked ever since Hajime No Ippo in my teens and fell in love with a handful of series' despite not being a fan of boxing or whatever sport they played.  It's the way so many writers and studios pair the sweetness, bitterness and naivete of youth and friendship with well-paced action, fleshed-out and believable characters inside and outside of the sport and their growth through losses and triumphs.

Kuroko... has none of these things.  I've wanted to like this show and get through all 3 seasons, but always sputter out by the time the first 25 episodes or so come to an end.  The production values are high but the characters are weak.  Particularly Kuroko.  I'm sure there's an argument to be made that the entire point of his lack of character is to further illustrate his... unique skillset on the court.  But for me, personally, it just makes the character completely unlikable, unrelatable, boring and at that point, why root for him?

The same can be said for most of the supporting cast of friends and foes.  The unique "skill" of at least one or two of the characters is so ridiculous it wipes the earlier mentioned believability right out the window.  You never really get a glimpse at the past life of the characters or their real motivation outside of being the best.  You don't really see a huge struggle or wall for them to overcome, just a bunch legendary foes to beat one-on-one who are easily as one dimensional as Kuroko himself.  I'm a little surprised this series gets so much love.

Kuroko reminds me a little bit of the main character of Big Windup! (a show which I like despite its flaws) in that both of their social incompetence is bordering unbelivable and mentally deficient/ill.  I say this as a complete recluse myself.  The difference is that Big Windup! at least gives you a reason to root for the main character by giving him some past and some emotion.  Kuroko characters are bland, cardboard cutouts.

If you're easily bored by bad/uninspiring characters and motivations, save yourself some time and go watch a gem like Haikyu! or Hajime no Ippo instead.  If you love basketball and high production values, by all means give it a try.  Maybe you'll get further along than I did.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Jun 11, 2012

Kuroko's Basketball focuses on a school that only formed one year prior to when the story takes place. While the team didn't do well, they regarded their first year a personal victory as they weren't expected to do much at all. 

The story follows this team as they recruit an American basketball prodigy with loads of potential, and Kurok the "sixth man" of the "miracle of generations", a squad considered to be the most talented basketball team assembled ever. Kuroko's real talent is less about making himself a good player, and more about using his talents to increase the play of the players around him, this makes him a perfect fit on an ambitious squad that wants to work well as a team. 

Story - 9 - The idea of Kuroko playing against the five super stars he was once on a team with and trying to beat them using tenacity and teamwork rather than superstardom and raw talent is quite interesting. It makes the series a real underdog story, and a treat to watch. The story moves at an extremely fast pace, which is really necasarry for a sports themed anime. The show also has some very funny and well timed comedic moments, which not only are entertaining, but draw you closer to the characters within the anime. The one knock on the story line is it follows the same formula many sports animes do.

Sound - 10 - Music selection and sound effects are perfect for the anime, they are unique almost every episode, so the music doesnt lose its ability to hype up the viewer or add to the anime. The sneakers squeaking on the court, pitter patter of running, and ringing sensation after a dunk are all present and executed as one would expect. 

Animation - 10 - The Animation is very interesting to look at, and it adds a lot to the anime as a whole, its very bright and elaborate. The lines and designs of the characters help illustrate their personality and at times the anime feels like its popping out of the screen. This may be the most visualy please anime i have ever seen. Every little detail is accounted for, and used correctly. I.e. a player with tremendous speed gets low to the floor and as he accelerates quickly his jersey puffs out a bit off his back. ankles turning and twisting as they would for a real life basketball player, nets swishing, its all accounted for and executed flawlessly. 

Characters - 8 - The characters are all well done, especially considering how many well thought out character designs there are. Though, as with most sports animes the character creativity is limited because of how focused the subject at hand is. Somehow, the series really does make the characters its own though, and they are all very interesting and have several dimensions to them beyond just what they can do on the basketball court.

The struggles the players are forced to deal with as a team and individually really adds a ton of depth to the series and its very fun to watch all of them progress, even through the short 18 episode series we are currently left with. The pace of this anime is so fast and it really keeps you engrossed and interested each and every episode. 

9/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Oct 6, 2014

I came across this by recommendation from a friend.  We were talking about anime and he talked about this really cool basketball anime.  He didn't really go into detail and just told me to watch it.


There was once an epic team of junior high kids that never lost called The Generation of Miracles.  People only recognize the 5 starts but there was one mystery member the team themselves respected.  That one mystery member is Tetsuya Kuroko, who everyone thinks is invisible even though he's been standing in front of them the entire time.  Along the way he meets Kagami Taiga who's this big tough guy.  In order to win, they must go through each member of the GoM.  The plot makes you fully invest in your emotions.  It's full of laughs and heart-pounding drama.  The show totally mixes that well.


It's absolutely great.  The art style is really amazing.  One nice touch that I didn't nottice until late was that each member of the GoM have matching hair color and eye color according to their names.  The way they play is amazing.  Their movements were memorizing and just makes you wish you could do it as well.  If I were to be a bit picky it's this weird little thing that they can run full speed for like a minute and only be half way down the court.  It should take less 10 seconds to go end to end.  Other than that nothing bad.


Love the openings.  It's full of energy that gets you pumped!  It's what you expect and want to hear in a actiony sports anime.  Every character's voice matches perfectly to their personality.  Kuroko's voice is slow and monotone that it hypnotizes you like the way he plays.  Kagami's voice is loud, strong, and boistrous like him dunking the crap out of people.  Some sound bits I love is the ball going through the hoop.  As a basketball player as well, nothing sounds better than the ball going through nothing but net.  The dunking does sound a bit exagerrated but that's the show in general


One sign of a good sports anime is that although there's a main character, the entire team gets practically equal time to shine.  While watching, it just wasn't about Kuroko.  Everyone on his team from the bench players to the starters had a good level of importance.  All their personalities are very likeable.  As for the GoM, although they're the main antagonists (villians is a bit too much to call them) they still have quirks you'd just love.  Kise is a feminine heart-throb with some childish wonder.  Midorima is a superstitious bookworm.  Aomine is the awesome badass.


If you're looking for some epic basketball action, here you go.  It's difficult to talk about Kuroko no Basuke and not talk about something like Slam Dunk.  Slam Dunk preferred great story telling while KnB preferred awesome action.  It's pretty even.  However, Kuroko no Basuke is less realistic because some of the things that're done are just physically impossible.  It's an anime, though!  Of course there should be some awesome weird powers and stuff.  I definitely recommend this show to anyone in general.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Mar 30, 2020

Kuroko's Basketball is one of the animes I'm watching right now because I really like sports anime. To be honest, I d0n't really like it. For me, it is not really as good as what I thought it would be. It is all about basketball but it doesn't really show much of their matches with other schools. It just mostly show a part or just a glimpse of their games. Also if you would compare it to Haikyuu which is also a sports anime but about volleyball, Kuroko's Basketball have lots of scenes where no character speaks and they just put music. So yeahhh, for my opinion, Haikyuu is and will always be way better than this. Even if I'm not really a player of volleyball and seldomly watches volleyball games, the anime just caught my interest unlike Kuroko's Basketball. I'm still on Season 1 but it already bore me. I'm sorry but it just didn't really met my expectations and I think there are better sports anime than this like Haikyuu! and Free!. It is nothing ike those. Sorry to those who love this but I just really think it's nothing like other animes.

... And also, no Basketball game ends with a tie... there will always be an overtime...

5/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall