Kuro no Sumika: Chronus

Movie (1 ep x 25 min)
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Kuro no Sumika: Chronus

Makoto Nakazono is a high school student with a small dark secret. Since he was little, he has had the mysterious power to see "black entities" that steal souls — the gods of death known as Fates. One day, he is suddenly interrogated by one of the "black entities," Akira Seno: "Will you get in our way?" But Makoto replies with an air of resignation, "There's nothing I can do anyway, so I won't." At that moment, Makoto didn't notice the threatening shadow approaching his childhood friend Hazuki...

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All aboard the train to feels-ville. Story: This was more of the start of a story. The protagonist can see and communicate with reapers, and using this power tries to save his friend. There are a lot of questions brought up at the end of the anime that are not fully explained, and leave the ending open for eventual expansion. Perhaps hoping to follow in the footsteps of other anime mirai and become serialized. There are also some odd conclusions, especially about the girl, that leave this foriegner a tad confused, but I won't spoil it. Animation: This mirai reminded me of another anime by producer Eiko Tanaka, Princess Arete. The faces lack a lot of definition, the store is very simplistic, but the backgrounds and movement are well done. It is very much like a lot of Studio 4C's older movies, and even some of their music videos.  Sound: The sound relies heavily on background sound effects and the strength of the voice actors, which include Daisuke Ono and Natsuki Hanae. Overall, I enjoyed the quality of sounded for this mirai. Characters: The main character has great development in the short, but as mentioned in the story-section, it feels cut off. Like there was unused potential. The female lead was almost Mary Sue in her perfection, to the point that I didn't really care for her much. The reapers were an interesting bunch, as well. I would have liked to know more about the reapers as a whole.  Should you watch this? It's short, it's got Daisuke Ono, and it has a lot of potential. If say give it a shot. This review brought to you by the DAMC.


this review may contain slight spoilers ! i watched this anime on youtube , but i'm sure you can find it on other websites too . now i wasn’t expecting much from this anime as it is only about 25 minutes long , but to my surprise i actually loved it  story : a high school boy named makoto has been able to see beings that others could not ever since he was a kid . one day he manages to talk to this being and asks if the ‘ reaper ‘ has come for him , in response the being says he’s there for another fate . makoto has a childhood friend named hazuki ( you can see where this is going ) which ends up being captured by this fate . makoto not wanting to lose hazuki uses the beings powers in an attempt to save her from her fate . the ending leaves many thing unexplained , however this may be because there could possibly be a show made in the future ? i feel like it could have a lot of potential if it were to be made into one as the plot is very interesting and id be invested in finding out more about these beings , how they came to be and how they obtained their powers  animation : i quite liked the animation . it was very simplistic ( which is something i like so i wasn’t bothered by it however i know some may be ) , so there wasn’t too much detail in the characters and their designs  sound : although the sound wasn’t exactly the best , i still think the sound affects where well done especially during the fight scene with the beings  characters : again the beings were by far the most interesting in this short movie . they stand out the most as we learn barely anything about them and they’re just sort of there . makoto is also an interesting character though . we learn that his mother is no longer with him and he shut himself out with the world , which leads to wonder what happened to her ? not to mention what kind of powers makoto could have since he can see these beings . we know he was able to see these beings since he was a kid , but how did that come to be ? why him ? if he can see them , does that mean he will become one of them in the future ? also if makoto was able to change the fate of hazuki , could he be able to do the exact same for others if he wanted to ? there are many questions that the movie left us on however in the short amount of time i think it was well written . as for hazuki , she seemed a bit too perfect . there wasn’t much added in to her character , she’s mostly there as childhood friend and a love interest for makoto  overall : i honestly really enjoyed this short movie , even if it was just 25 minutes long . i would love to see this get animated into a show as it definitely has potential due to the plot and the character development that could be made . i highly recommend giving this movie a go :)

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