Kuro Gyaru ni Natta kara Shinyuu to Yattemita.

TV (8 eps x 4 min)
3.301 out of 5 from 1,206 votes
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We are the No.1 golden pair who boast success rate at picking up girls. One night, I was going to play around again but a mysterious drug was forced on me... And I woke up in woman's body! My best friend who came looking for me didn't recognize me and hit on me!?

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This anime has two different versions: the "broadcast" version, a censored cut broadcast on TV, and a extended "premium" version distributed online which features explicit sex.

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Recently an official, uncensored version of this anime was released digitally on Coolmic.com, a japanese operating adult site. Unlike physical copies in japan, this one is legally uncensored, featuring explicit genitalia penetrative sex scenes. When i watched it from start to finish, it was funny and entertaining. The twist oft he story is gender bending but with a pornographic theme. The protagonist turned into female because a woman got upset that she was rejected by another guy, so she set him up and he became a woman. His best friend approached Chino in the shower, and gets instantly turned on before realizing that she was his best friend but still too horny to care so he fucked his female turned best friend. Ironically, he even loves fucking his best friend as a man too various times. An uncensored version exists because it was released online and not on dvd and bluray, which is a serious violation of japanese obscenity law and would lead to long prison time or execution. But the best part of the anime is that the sex was performed well with visible vaginal and anal penetration and sexual skin contact. The animation is smooth, vibrant and colorful. Sometimes a chemistry has began deeply with two best friends before having gay anal sex in the end. I'm just inpressed with this porno hentai anime that i can get excitied arousally because its uncensored. Anyway, the story itself however was the weakest point, because its an erotica with the orgasm climax as the only story climax lol. Overall, it was the most recent uncensored hentai from japan that i thought would be impossible. The other hentai that is recently uncensored is on coolmic.com Enjoy

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