Kurage no Shokudou

OVA (1 ep x 29 min)
2.912 out of 5 from 428 votes
Rank #6,974
Kurage no Shokudou

Youtarou Misaki finds himself lying on the beach one day. He is picked up by Arashi, who manages a restaurant called Kurage no Shokudou. When asked who he is, the protagonist tells a lie that he lost his memory — but he remembers everything, including the fact that his twin brother died.

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For a single 27 minute Anime, this was very unexpected!  From love to loss to sci-fi elements, this OVA does what some full series anime fail to accomplish. I stumbled upon Kurage while searching for a separate anime (I'll let you guess) and decided to give it a try. The first words that come out of the characters mouth are"my twin brother died." That is enough to pull you in long enough to set up the story. Being only 27 minutes, however, you get the chance to witness a good spectrum of emotions and a nice story that leaves you wanting more. Story: Was it AnoHana or Clannad level drama? Not by a long shot, but with that said, I do believe that given the fact that Kurage is just an OVA it performs what it needs to convey very well. What carries this Anime is its story. It is not complex, no underlying problems, just pure, simple, emotion. Many times I felt myself comparing this anime to P.A Works Hanasaku Iroha which to me, expressed the same lonely feel (at first) and had those genuine emotions, human emotions. Animation/Sound/Music: Nothing special here just like the sound it was average, not good, not bad. I was hoping curious if Zexes would bother to put in a decent OST for this but being an OVA you have to keep your expectations low. Thankfully, this is the only area I can really fault the studio with.  Characters: There are only 3 characters that play a significant role. Youtarou, Arashi, and Natsuko. Youtarou, our protagonist spends a lot of time 'not knowing' who he is which doesn't detract from the story, in fact, it adds to it later on. Arashi plays the calm and collected adult that guides Youtarou throughout the story. We find out that Youtarou and Arashi have more in common than they think. And of course, Natsuko; our only heroine who has close ties to Arashi and is seen often once she is introduced.  Overall: Kurage no Shokudou could be described as a parable. A journey for a lost boy searching for answers that he cannot answer. With the help of Arashi and Natsuko, he begins to understand himself and learns how to cope with what has happened in his life. If you can do all of this in less than 27 minutes, well, that's an A in my book.

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