TV (52 eps)
2005 - 2006
Fall 2005
3.418 out of 5 from 12 votes
Rank #6,590

Kotenko acts as a protector of the Angel Star for the Queen of Heavenly Lands, guarding it earnestly and faithfully. A kind and obediant child at heart, he will however transform into Matenko in times of crisis. The opposite of Kotenko, Matenko is mischevious and constantly troubles the people around him. He will return back to his original form with the use of the Angel Ring. The rise of the ruler from the Land of the Grounds brings with it fear and terror as he aims to take over the Heavenly Lands. Kotenko has to safeguard the Angel Star from the evil clutches of the Devil and protect Heavenly Lands as well.

Source: ANN

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