KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world! OVA

Alt title: Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo! OVA

OVA (1 ep x 24 min)
3.971 out of 5 from 9,732 votes
Rank #1,117

After a trip to Wiz's shop, the gang encounters Megumin's self-proclaimed rival, Yunyun. Annoyed at the group's increased level of obnoxiousness with a new member added, Kazuma notices a choker at his feet. After trying it on casually, he realizes he's in trouble: it's actually a "Wish-Granting Choker" which won't come off until the wearer's wish is granted, on top of gradually strangling them over time. The party tries everything they can think of to grant Kazuma's wish: Wiz lets him lay his head in her lap, Darkness does push-ups while her chest sways, and Megumin and Yunyun play strip rock-paper-scissors while Aqua runs errands and serves drinks. But in spite of it all, the choker shows no sign of coming off.

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God's Blessings On This Wonderful Choker!

Episode 1

God's Blessings On This Wonderful Choker!

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The "KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!" OVA serves as an entertaining extension of the main series, delivering more of the humor, eccentric characters, and fantastical misadventures that fans have come to love. Set between the events of the first and second seasons, this Original Video Animation offers a standalone story that encapsulates the spirit of "KonoSuba" in a concise format. It provides an opportunity to revisit the beloved world of Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, exploring new antics and challenges with the same blend of comedy, satire, and heartfelt moments that define the series. A Potion of Laughter Comedic Concoction: The OVA amplifies the series' hallmark comedic elements, presenting a scenario filled with absurdity and hilarity. The self-contained story allows for creative freedom, leading to situations that are even more outrageous and entertaining than those found in the main series. Character Chemistry: True to form, the OVA spotlights the dysfunctional yet endearing dynamics among Kazuma's party. Their interactions, filled with witty banter and comedic misfortune, highlight the unique quirks of each character, further endearing them to the audience. A Dash of Adventure: While primarily focused on comedy, the OVA doesn't shy away from injecting elements of fantasy adventure into its narrative. This ensures that the spirit of exploration and the thrill of unexpected challenges remain integral to the story, providing a backdrop for the comedic events to unfold. Brewing Quirks Concentrated Humor: With its shorter format, the OVA packs a punch with rapid-fire jokes and comedic situations. However, this concentrated dose of humor might feel overwhelming to some viewers, especially those who prefer the more balanced pacing of the main series episodes. A Feast for Fans: While the OVA is accessible to newcomers, it's particularly rewarding for fans of the series, filled with references and character moments that resonate more deeply with those familiar with the "KonoSuba" world. Newcomers might miss some of the nuances that make these callbacks particularly enjoyable. Magical Mischief Enhanced Eccentricity: The standalone nature of the OVA allows for a deep dive into the eccentricities of the world and its characters. This exploration, unbound by the narrative continuity of the main series, showcases the creative range of "KonoSuba" in both its humor and fantasy elements. Heart in the Havoc: Amidst the chaos and comedy, the OVA maintains the series' heart. The moments of camaraderie and underlying affection among the group shine through, reminding viewers of the genuine bond that underpins the party's antics. Conclusion The "KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!" OVA is a delightful treat for fans, offering a concentrated burst of the series' best qualities. Its blend of humor, character dynamics, and fantasy adventure encapsulates the essence of "KonoSuba," making it a must-watch for those craving more time with their favorite characters. While it thrives on the established foundation of the series, the OVA stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of Kazuma's party and their wonderfully bizarre world. For fans looking to extend their journey in this comedic fantasy landscape, the OVA is an adventure that promises laughter, surprises, and a reminder of the joy found in the unexpected.

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