Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo Episode 5 - Shizu Fujimura (Part 1)

Wataru was lying by the river bank when he came across girl with a blank stare. When Wataru called out to her, she ran away into the middle of a sugar cane field and ended up dropping her straw hat. Her name is Shizu Fujimura. When he meets her again, he comes to understand her situation but...

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Sawaki Rinna (Part 1) image

Episode 1

Sawaki Rinna (Part 1)

Sawaki Rinna (Part 2) image

Episode 2

Sawaki Rinna (Part 2)

Rokujou Miyaho (Part 1) image

Episode 3

Rokujou Miyaho (Part 1)

Rokujou Miyaho (Part 2) image

Episode 4

Rokujou Miyaho (Part 2)

Shizu Fujimura (Part 1) image

Episode 5

Shizu Fujimura (Part 1)

Shizu Fujimura (Part 2) image

Episode 6

Shizu Fujimura (Part 2)

Umi Hayama (Part 1) image

Episode 7

Umi Hayama (Part 1)

Umi Hayama (Part 2) image

Episode 8

Umi Hayama (Part 2)

Saeri Kirishima (Part 1) image

Episode 9

Saeri Kirishima (Part 1)

Saeri Kirishima (Part 2) image

Episode 10

Saeri Kirishima (Part 2)

Naoko Asakura (Part 1) image

Episode 11

Naoko Asakura (Part 1)

Naoko Asakura (Part 2) image

Episode 12

Naoko Asakura (Part 2)

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semai semai says

Both animes contain different arc's where the main protagonist falls in love with different girls.

The *big* difference between the 2 animes is that Amagami has 2 seasons with 24 and 12 episodes and Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo only has 13, this means every Arc is shorter in Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku, the difference then is that the anime will less focus on backgrounds, 'future', etc.