Kokoro Connect: Michi Random

TV Special (4 eps)
4.292 out of 5 from 6,470 votes
Rank #463
Kokoro Connect: Michi Random

These episodes cover the story in Michi Random, the fourth volume of Sadanatsu Anda's original light novel series.

Source: ANN

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Rbastid Dec 27, 2015
Score 5/10

So you got canceled on one TV station and given a second life on another, here's your chance to answer some questions and tie off loose ends. Oh whats that? You'd rather just do more of the same? Story - 4/10 The OVA focuses on one last prank by Heartseed. This time around the five characters will be able to randomly hear the thoughts of each other. This is done, according to Heartseed, so... read more

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Gzerble Mar 17, 2015
Score 7.4/10

Kokoro Connect: Michi Random is just another arc for the series, not anything that truly stands on its own. As such, there is no real tonal difference in everything except the reactions of one character. Still, we get more of the same, and the series is rather good overall. From a strict writing perspective, nothing has changed. It is yet another arc where supernatural hijinx throw a spanner into the... read more

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