Kokoro Connect: Michi Random

TV Special (4 eps x 27 min)
4.035 out of 5 from 7,498 votes
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Kokoro Connect: Michi Random

These episodes cover the story in Michi Random, the fourth volume of Sadanatsu Anda's original light novel series.

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So you got canceled on one TV station and given a second life on another, here's your chance to answer some questions and tie off loose ends. Oh whats that? You'd rather just do more of the same? Story - 4/10 The OVA focuses on one last prank by Heartseed. This time around the five characters will be able to randomly hear the thoughts of each other. This is done, according to Heartseed, so that they'd each be able to learn who their friends truly are, unfiltered of their attempts to sanitize their thoughts and actions in order to put on a different face for their friends. For the most part this had the biggest affect on Nagase, who was afraid her friends would find out who she really was and would then dislike her. This causes her to become distant from her friends and to tell Tachi they can no longer date each other. It seems they added much of this in for a bit of drama, but it was unneeded and seemed to fly in the face of the previous thirteen episodes. For the original series, and the final five minutes, Nagase is a very sweet girl, but we're supposed to believe she became distant and angry because the nice girl image was all an act? Maybe i missed something in these final four episodes, but it went off the rails so many times i often found myself not really caring or paying attention. To add insult to injury everything was wrapped up with us never actually finding out a rhyme or reason why this happened, and why to these five. In a genre (anime) that's filled with unfinished or rushed endings, as well as giant open ended shows, this one takes the cake for just giving up on even attempting to have a proper finish. Animation - 7/10 There was really no discernible difference between the this and the main episodes because they were all created at the same time and only released separately due to a change in the channel it aired on. Sound - 7/10 Just like the animation nothing changed when it came to the voices in the series. As for the music, just like with the original thirteen episodes, the ending theme changed now that there was a new phenomena occurring. Both songs used for the final four episodes were superb and worthy of any "Best of Anime" playlist. Characters - 5/10 The character's only real growth was that they became more erratic and somewhat annoying. Where they could have spent time answering some questions, such as why Inaba and Mr. Gotou have such a casual relationship, or pretty much anything about Aoki or Taichi outside of their love interest, they instead just focused on Nagase being a mental case.  Overall - 5/10 These final four episodes actually made the series much more disappointing. Again there was a good foundation, with the new open thoughts phenomena, but they instead focused on things that seemed less important and tried to create closure in a way that it made no sense. 


Kokoro Connect: Michi Random is just another arc for the series, not anything that truly stands on its own. As such, there is no real tonal difference in everything except the reactions of one character. Still, we get more of the same, and the series is rather good overall. From a strict writing perspective, nothing has changed. It is yet another arc where supernatural hijinx throw a spanner into the lives of the same five characters. This time though, one of the charactes finally snaps, and Kokoro Connect: Michi Random deals mostly with the fallout. This comes instead of more exposition, as that has been done in the first thirteen episodes. The real problem is that it is beaten into the ground. Also, at certain points you may want to shout "no one will understand if you don't explain, so you're just being a <expletive deleted>!" at the screen. The artwork remains solid and does the job well. We still get excellent voice acting for the female lead, and she manages to have moments of brilliance (especially in the last episode). There is no real difference except perhaps a bit of added sharpness and definition to the animation, but that's a barely noticeable and may be all in my head. So, do these extra four episodes give any added value? Not really. But if you liked the original run, then you need to see the extra four episodes that make up Kokoro Connect: Michi Random. We finally get some partial closure, a couple of characters grow up some, and the love triangle situation is resolved. tl;dr: If you enjoyed Kokoro Connect, then you should watch Kokoro Connect: Michi Random as well.

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