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Alt titles: Hanako Oku: Koi Tsubomi, Minna no Uta: Koi Tsubomi

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Aug 1, 2019

Are you missing someone?

Do you dream of seeing a friend again? Perhaps someone who lives a  country or continent away? 

Then this is for you.

A young girl and a polar bear part ways at a train station. In their hearts is a promise to be together again. Both hope the separation is temporary and short but in the back of their minds the possibility of this being the last time they see one another is present.

It is winter and the color scheme is blue and white. The snow is crisp and their footprints to the train station are clear and deep. While they didn’t linger in their steps they did leave their mark upon the land together. Much the same way that two friends make numerous memories wherever they go together. While it may appear that their time together happened in another life or was all a dream - much the same way that falling snow fills footprints - they know the truth. They were together and they were happy.

The girl stays at the window and the polar bear stays at the train station even after both are out of sight. They hold the image of one another before turning to face their loneliness. 

As the snow falls the polar bear looks to the sky and the girl plays her travel piano, in their dreams they are together always and forever.

A song of love is beautifully performed with instrumental accompaniment that never overpowers or undermines the lyrics. It can and probably should be interpreted that the polar bear is singing the song to the girl as she plays her music. A song that ties them and reminds them that they have a past and will have a future even if they aren’t physically together in the present.  

The young girl makes the journey to a far off place alone. For that reason this music video may also speak to parents who’ve seen their children move away. 

It can also touch those of us who’ve said goodbye to someone who was more than just a friend.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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