Koi Kaze

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If life teaches us anything, it is that love sometimes happens in the most unlikely of places, with the most unlikely of people. Koshiro is a run-of-the-mill salaryman who has recently been dumped by his partner. With his heart broken and hope lost, he soon comes to realize that he can love again, once he sets eyes on a beautiful young schoolgirl riding the train. However, there is one catch -- this girl named Nanoka is his sister, who he has not seen in years. Knowing that their forbidden love will always be scrutinized by society; will Koushirou and Nanoka be able to resist the temptation?

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vivafruit Apr 26, 2007
Score 8.5/10

Sexual taboos are a funny thing, aren’t they? To be honest, the incest seen in Please Twins and Angel Sanctuary never really fazed me. My brain was able to recognize these unhealthy relationships for what they were – a gimmick used to make the audience pay more attention. Although from a moralistic standpoint what... read more

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Ultima Aug 27, 2004
Score 9/10

Like any drama, the story is what makes or breaks the series. Fortunately, Koi Kaze did a great job in planning its plot. Although I believe it is obvious to figure out some plot points by just using deductive logic, I’ll just provide you with a brief introduction instead of a synopsis. There are certain points in the story that viewers should just experience first hand.
Throughout the... read more

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Koi Kaze
  • Vol: 5; Ch: 35
  • 2001 - 2004

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