Web (10 eps x 4 min)
Fall 2001
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After accidentally falling into the oven as he was being removed, Kogepan, a piece of red bean bread, became burned. Unlike the other breads such as Kireipan and Ichigopan, Kogepan is somber and has a dark sheen. However, he’s joined by others that are burned just like he is, and together all of the baked goods have fun together talking about life and even taking a trip to the beach.

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DrCrow Feb 24, 2015
Score 10/10

If Kogepan and his friends don't manage to teach you anything about life and yourself, then I feel sorry for you.  In roughly 30 minutes, like expertly crafted poetry, Kogepan is able to get across more messages and feelings about humanity and happiness than many other series have struggled blindly for 500+ minutes to do.  This short and wonderful series is a masterpiece.  read more

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skankfish Sep 3, 2010
Score 8/10

Demograph: all ages, but especially over 20s It feels silly to give such a little series such a high rating, but I really loved it. Charming 4 minute episodes about a burnt piece of bread. He gets very depressed, gets drunk on milk and resents all normal bread. Cream pan's secret is devastating, and Kogepan's attempt to mask his black skin is a lesson to us all... kind of. Personally I liked the little... read more



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