Kobe to Watashi

Alt title: Kobe and I

Web (1 ep x 4 min)
1.648 out of 5 from 199 votes
Rank #9,760

When young Ai makes an impromptu trip to the Japanese city of Kobe, she has no idea what to do after arriving. Luckily, help is at hand in the form of Kazami Kei, a giant chicken-man in a black tracksuit who decides to take time out of busy schedule to guide her around the city. As the pair travels around, Kazami hopes to open the Ai’s eyes to the fun of the Harborland amusement park, the joy of rotating cafés, and the beauty of Nunobiki Falls.

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chii's avatar
chii Jun 17, 2010
Score 5/10

I wish a giant chicken would take me around a city unknown to me like this lucky girl. I can only imagine right now all the awesome hilarious adventures we would have. Anyway, this is a cute little short about going to Kobe, Japan. I hear it's nice there and the video does make a point of pointing it out. Aside from that it's not very good but the chicken man won over my heart. read more



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