Kizumonogatari Movie 3: Reiketsu

Alt title: Kizumonogatari Movie 3: Reiketsu-hen

Movie (1 ep x 83 min)
4.545 out of 5 from 5,744 votes
Rank #56
Kizumonogatari Movie 3: Reiketsu

Part 3 of the Kizumonogatari triology.

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Welcome people to the 3rd part of the Kizumonogatari movies and let's not waste time and dive right into it. I've always said that Monogatari series is one you'll either love or hate.Some hate the long,weird dialogues,some love them and can't live without them.I'm on the latter side of things.I love it's weirdness.Most of all i love the fact that it's different.It takes risks that most animes don't,it has balls the size of Jupiter and nobody can deny that.I believe that this franchise is pure art.And before you write in to say i'm talking bullshit remember that someone paid an insane amount of money for a painting of a fat cleaning lady..For him that was art obviously and worth the praise and the money.It's almost the same business here. Kizu is a prequel(i'm talking all 3 movies here)to the entirety of the Monogatari series.It tells the story of Ararararagi's(Sowwy,i bit my tongue...)first encounter with apparitions.And more specifically,the busty vampire called Kiss-Short Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade and how the both change each others lives.In case you haven't seen the series but started off with these movies i won't go into more details. Let's talk animation shall we?The animation is splendid,it has an avant-garde feel to it,much like the rest of the series.The story isn't just unfolded through means of dialogues but also through the animation.Every single thing they experience shows through their bodies,their movements.The thing that got in me the first place is the balance between the visually astonishing and absolute chaos,thanks to the work of Akiyuki Shinbo.He has eccentric style and he isn't afraid to use it.The camera angles are used like a tool of precision and it exploits all the action..I have only one criticism and that's the use of CGI in some parts and the failure to switch normally to 2D.The thing is that fortunately they don't use it to a big extent so it won't ruin your experience it's just that at times it is a bit weird. The characters are brilliant,no other word for them.The way the story is executed and with the help of animation they really take off to new heights.The interaction between them all is as pleasing as coming back home from work and seeing 2 pornstars in your bath,with jello shots.. The music really flatters this anime.For each occassion there is always something to add more and more into the mix.Something completely insane is happening,there is some music to make it chaotic.Want some tension?Oh sure mate we have some of that too.Want calm before or after the storm,we got your six. Now this threesome is meant to be watched as a whole.It has the introduction part 1 as something to sink your teeth in,then the 2nd part which was...Honestly a bit fucked in the process and not all that good.But that was to be expected cause part 1 and 2 were the build up to this magnificent ending.As wrap ups go this will go down in history as one of the greatest.And it's small wonder.It has everything for everyone.Except it doesn't have a happy ending for everyone involved.But think of it this way,we don't need every anime to end happily.It becomes boring,we need one ending to suit the needs of reality. To conclude i thought the trio was great.It could have been better in many ways and i can't blame people saying it was a lesson in money grab tactics.Is it the first anime to do so?Hell no.There are other animes out there that have done the same thing and in a more shameless way and not one fanbitch raised an eyelid.But as an exercise in sheer excitement for the viewer it's second to none.Should you take my word for it and watch it?It's up to you.

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