Kizumonogatari Movie 2: Nekketsu

Alt title: Kizumonogatari Movie 2: Nekketsu-hen

Movie (1 ep x 68 min)
4.303 out of 5 from 6,609 votes
Rank #142
Kizumonogatari Movie 2: Nekketsu

Part 2 of the Kizumonogatari trilogy.

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Full Review Here: Short version:If you watched Kizu part 1 and skipped it because of it's slower pace and less comedic tone, I'll tell you up front this movie improved on both. If you skipped this movie because of its very limited theater run and how bloody long it took for the DVD to come out, you're in luck, the DVD/BD is due out shortly after the theater release. I enjoyed Kizumonogatari Part 1 as an absolute return to base status quo for the series, or to be entirely accurate to the moment that Monogatari Season 2 flashed back too. Yes it wasn't as fun or fast paced, but that's because the characters that brought that energy to the series haven't been introduced yet. These 3 movies establish why the main character Koyomi Araragi starts changing his angsty kid tune and slowly work towards his more lighthearted show counterpart. Part 1 was a good base layer that had to be set. Partially so Part 2 can spend more time kicking ass. Literally yes, with a large chunk of the movie focusing on Araragi fighting 3 Vampire Hunters to reclaim parts of the vampire who sired him, one Kiss-Shot-Acerola Orion-Heart-Under-Blade. These fights are well directed, well animated and fairly creative. I won't say more on them here since anything specific will ruin the fun of these well done fight scenes. The other half of the movie is Araragi's budding close friendship with Tsubasa Hanekawa, who is offering moral support and acts as Araragi's human core. Araragi's fight to reclaim his humanity is largely motivated by her, and it's here that we see a hearty return to the editing and pacing style of the Monogatari series. Fast cuts, fun comedic gags and very entertaining dialogue makes this movie feel as fun and energetic as the series. Another returning thing is eye-rolling levels of unnecessary fanservice that help fuel funny moments later in the movie. All of this molds together to form a very entertaining movie, one that got the groundwork and setting taken care of already to focus on character interaction and fun action. If you're new to the series, or even if you've seen the whole thing, don't skip this movie. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a long wait for the final movie to look forward too.

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