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What do you do when you live together with gorgeous twin sisters who are intent on seducing you? This is the daily dilemma that faces Keita Suminoe, and politely declining their offers doesn’t seem to be helping him! Despite his school friends' jealous quips, and parents who think everything is fine as the siblings are not blood-related, this makes no difference to the brow-beaten boy. Unfortunately for Keita, school entrance exams are just around the corner, and scantily-clad girls sneaking into his bedroom at night is starting to affect his chances of graduation. Can he focus his mind in time, or will breasts, panties and milky-white thighs prove to be too much of a distraction?

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Kiss x Sis, for those not familiar with the story, is about a boy named Keita who has two older step-sisters, Ako and Riko, both of which have a more than sisterly relationship with him. Crazy-incestuous-love-triangle-fun ensues as the sisters try and battle over his heart in a Slice-of-Life Romance Comedy with lots of Ecchi. . We have a fair amount of eye candy to buffer or minds from the story... which is at best, sketchy. I mean they skirt the issue of true incest by making the relationship of step-siblings rather than blood relations. (But that would probably not be an acceptable form of entertainment for the masses.) The main focus of each episode isn't to further the plot but to see what kinda cute, crazy, funny things the sisters will do to try and get into Keita's pants... or him in their pants. But innocence usually prevails and they just settle for heavy petting.  Keita doesn't resist and his parents are OK with the behavior so there's no real tension until the other sister catches the one who's all over him, then repremands the two. There's a lot of potential for emotional conflict with the loving sisters and their relationship with one another and I won't say that's not going to happen.  Infact I expect it to eventually.  Still, so far, it's the same patter for each episode and if you like that kinda repetition in story then it'll work for you. This one pretty much gives you what you want but there's the one catch that makes it kinda worth it. It's the constant wonder of which girl he's going to end up picking because, unlike Lay's brand potato chips, he can only have one. Well, legally speaking of course. I don't see anyone dying anytime soon. Nor do I see a plot twist or Mind Effing. I wouldn't be surprised if the girls end up with Keita's disembodied head somehow... but it's unlikely. Everything in this anime looks cute. The colors are vibrant and happy, the animation is pretty smooth, and the girls are sexy in a cute teeny way. Keita and his male friends, to me, seem a bit generic. The males could use an makeover in my opinon but they are still watchable. The art and animation are not cheap in any particular way but don't stand out a lot either. There is much emphasis on kissing between Keita and the girls kiss. To the point of sickeningly sloppy deep kissing and that is sometimes a goodthing, other times not so much. Lots of cosplay fun and typical moe goods cover this anime like glitter... Otaku Fun Glitter! Everyone in this anime has a positive personality for the most part. It's all about cute, happy or funny. That means there could be improvement for character development at this point. We see a hell of a lot of Keita, Ako, and Riko but I'm sure that will change. The other characters who may serve as a love interest to Keita haven't been totally established yet Granted there are only 3 episodes so far and I'm sure when the others have their stories things will be more interesting. They do put more emphasis on the girls in this one but that's to be expected to an extent in a harem style anime. The soundtrack here is typical. Happy electro J-Pop with cute girl vocals and generic anime ambient tracks make up the music score for this one. Nothing extraordinary went into this aspect. I always wonder how they do the foley for kissing scenes... Given the fact that I read the manga I kinda know what happens later... but it's given a twist, that much I can tell you. I can't say anything wonderful or horrible about it. I think anyone who likes silly ecchi comedies will find this fitting. This anime is the TV version of an established story, that like most, started as a manga and also has an ongoing OVA series. The main difference of this series, the OVA, and manga is that it follows a different story line, like many other variant series based on an established storyline. It's not exactly “tamed down” but the Ecchi is more implicit or covered up. There's a lot more erotic kissing and innuendo to make up for OVA style Ecchi or fan service you normally wouldn't see on TV. More humor and slightly more story make up the rest of the show. It's kinda cute and fairly solid for a Slice-of-Life type series but certainly not for kids!  I'm not even sure how this is on TV... Well, the OVA is a lot more explicit... but still I'm suprised what they get away with on TV in Japan, yet also what they censor is inversely crazy.


The story revolves around a junior-high student. Keita is your average, easy to relate to guy struggling to get his grades at a certain level, so he can go to the same school as his sisters. Yeah, his twin-sisters. Actually, they aren't blood related, but their parents married while they were still young. Now normally that wouldn't be much of a problem, but this time both are madly in love with him. Throughout the anime, they both try to win his heart, often causing him to fail at what is trying to. As the story continues, he gets more and more interested in them, and that even results in a few spicy scenes. Well...what am I saying? I guess you could say this anime has quite a bit borderline hentai scenes. Now don't think because of that, this anime is bad, because it isn't. It's very lighthearted and enjoyable, just as anime like this should be! That said, the animation is great, unlike most (borderline) hentai anime. The characters and background are animated well, and I'm quite fond of the colouring. I haven't found many scenes where characters are moving awkwardly, or anything alike. Sometimes though, especially when scenes get a little more sexual, you'll notice the occasional flaw, or at least the really hentai-like kissing. But seeing there's more than enough good animation to make op for that, i don't really mind at all. And I'm sure most people considering to watch this one wouldn't either. Both OP en ED are incredibly catchy. After a few episodes i found myself humming the ED while showering. I can't say I'm really proud of that, but you get my point. The voice acting is pretty good. The two girls are equipped with the required -and well preformed- "little girl" voices, and just hearing Ken Takeuchi voicing Keita is usually more then enough to feel his awkwardness. I saw the OVA before, but still wasn't expecting much of the voice acting, but i can say I'm positively surprised. The characters aren't special, but certainly not bad. Keita is the typical "harem-anime lead", spending most of his time fantasizing about the girls, or doing things with them he normally fantasizes about. Ako is the mature sister, who cooks for the family, has good grades etc. Riko is a more of a childish and playful type. Although you'll sometimes ask yourself what their differences are, they are especially visable when seducing Keita. To fill in some of the blank spots, there are some filler characters. I must say they are pretty well made. There's a group of guys who represent Keita's school friends. They constantly point out Keita's luck to have two hot sisters to love him, often causing Keita to fantasize about his sisters himself. There is also a loli who seems to have a crush on him. And we have Ako's teacher, who's also aforementioned loli's sister, an Otaku who tries to make Keita, Ako and Riko see their incestuous tendencies, are wrong. Their parents also have a small role. They're very stereotypical parents, except for the fact that dad encourages their love, and especially Keita's manliness. Last but not least we have Miharu Mikuni, a shy, glasses wearing, big-titted girl, who does the best job providing us with some interesting comedy. Overall I think this is a more than decent anime. The main reason to watch this would be the hot brother-sister action you might be into, but i mostly decided to finish it because it just is a very entertaining anime. So, if you're looking for an easy going anime, and wouldn't mind some interesting sexual scenes, this might be the anime you're looking for.

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