Kiss x Sis

OVA (12 eps)
2008 - 2015
3.618 out of 5 from 15,909 votes
Rank #3,528

Although they are not related by blood, Keita finds himself the object of his feisty twin-sisters Ako and Riko’s affections. Using extremely creative ways to wake him in the morning, the girls kiss, caress and grope their way into Kei-chan’s bed in the hope of becoming his bride. Forbidden sibling love even spreads to the school classroom, and as the rivalry between Ako and Riko intensifies, will they stop at nothing to win their brother’s unwilling heart? But how far is too far, and can Keita say no to two beautiful young girls throwing themselves at him forever?

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It's not an easy challenge to pull off incest as a form of comedy styling. This is what actually kept me away from the anime Kissxsis in the first place. My friend reassured me that this anime was superb and she wasn't kidding. So lets dive in. --SYNOPSIS-- Keita Suminoe is an average high school student that grew up with two girls that he shared affection for due to his child like innocence. Much to their surprise their families married each other and these two girls became Keita's sisters. The two girls (Ako Suminoe and Riko Suminoe) are far from reserved when it comes to their feelings; especially when compared to Keita himself. But should keita indulge in his desires for his new stepsisters?   --STORY-- See what's wrong? It's pretty stupid, but was it really supposed to be taken seriously? Bear in mind this is a comedy and this is not the main focus. What gives the story a bonus is the fact that it's pretty original and probably not been attempted before.     --ANIMATION-- The animation of a comedy is in my opinion key to creating a funny anime by simply how far in eccentricity it will go without making you question your sanity. In Kissxsis it knows where to draw the line and to deliver it well. It's used well to show the impulsiveness of the two twins Ako and Riko but to also Keita and how bewildered he becomes when exposed to any suggestive behaviour                 --SOUND-- The theme song is changed between two different ones as the series progresses; they are good songs but they aren't anything really spectacular. The music during the anime itself plays an important role in any kinky behaviour approaching. The same saxophone song occurs doing any perverted act.  Another surreal expression from "KEI-CHAN!"   --CHARACTERS-- This is the higlight of the whole anime. Whilst Keita can be a little boring and lacks any depth at times. His sisters are unique to each other despite sharing an obession for their younger brother. You would expect the parents to help keita's case but the father of the year ritually tells them to fool around whenever possible and the way his animation is done makes him the funniest character in the series in my opinion. His teacher Yuzuki is also very eccentric and is always trying to intervene in this sistuation which she (and many of the audience) believes is morally wrong. Keita's sexually explicit friends also get a few laughs from their interogations with Keita and what he does to his step-sisters                           --SUMMARY--   Rarely has wincest ever been so funny with surreal situations and even more surreal animation style at some parts. My main critisism is that the comedy starts to decline towards more recent releases. There is a reason for this but it would somewhat spoil the anime for any newcomers. But if you want cuteness and boobs this show has plenty of it to go around with no need for any tentacles. Watch the TV series before the OVA to earn a better understanding of what is going on but it's sure to make you giggle more than once.   If you liked this try: High School DxD (Specials)   (I do not watch as much anime as many of you but if you have any feedback at all I would appreciate it greatly :D)    


It was worth the watch. I watched the anime and thought that was hardcore. Boy was i wrong Story: pretty much just a bunch of foreplay compiled into 12 different OVAs I liked the growth of the relationship between all the characters. But i know that if u watched this you didn't cum come her for story. You came here for some cold hard incest. Sorry to burst your bubble but theyre not even related so if you came here for that sucks 4 u. However, if your appalled by the "incest" dont worry about it its a worthwile watch and they're pretty much just two twins tryna nail they're childhood friend. i loved that there weren't those generic scenes with them running off crying everytime something hapened. its just straight up borderine H. Animation: Episode 3 was probably one of my favorite anime episodes of anime of all time. Borderline my ass. Opening animation was super spicy as was all the other animation. The peeing fetish is still disgusting to me but oh well. kiryuu-sensei man. goddamn Sound: both the anime and OVA had extremely good music. the intro was fun and accompanied by a god-level animation. And the soft cute outro was oddly enough unskippable. high qulality moans. oddly i hated Keita's voice. CHarcates: Due to the lack of development and more of an increase in character dynamics, ill just describe my favorite traits of the charcaters. Riko is aggressive, super pervy and slightly cuter than her sister. She's not as smooth but sure as hell is just as effective. Ako is a closet perv but gives Bill Cosby vibes. She gets Keita drunk and proceeds to force him to touch her. She still mondo sexy tho. Kiryuu-sensei 10/10 would fap again, HOT DAMN! Now Mikadzuki. "You guys are prolly like oh no shes like 12 whats he doing." However she's only 2 grades below him making her probably 14. So im not complaining. Shes basically baby Riko but with a super heavy loli vybe. Miharu needs to stop pissing everywhere cause its fucking disgusting but she cute without glasses so it almost evens out. Almost. All in all, a B average harem that rivals alot of other ones. yea its a B because no foursome but hey it's cool. Dont be turnt off by the "incest". Its not truly incest and it truly was a very wild ride and a worthwile watch.

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