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While heading towards her own wedding, Kirara Imai dies in a car accident. Deeply frustrated for being unable to accomplish her dreams beside Konpei Asai, she asks for the opportunity of being with him once again. Kirara is able to return, but she goes back eight years in time as a ghost. There she is able to meet Konpei and herself when they still weren't a couple.

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Nicknames's avatar
Nicknames Mar 8, 2019
Score 5.8/10

Kirara is an OVA that has caught my attention a few months ago because of its original concept (and because I’m a sucker for ovas/series from the 80s), but it turned out to not live by my expectations. Wanna know why? Then go ahead and keep reading. The show tells the story of Kirara, a 24 year old girl who dies in a car accident on the day of her wedding and is sent 8 years back, when she and her... read more

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FullmetalDragon Mar 6, 2017
Score 4/10

When Kirara dies on the way to her wedding, she is, for whatever reason, allowed to go back in time and see her fiancee before she started dating him. Now, if there's anything I've learnt from watching too much sci-fi, this is not generally a good idea, but given Kirara is a complete idiot, it proabably doesn't matter. The characters in Kirara all annoyed me quite a lot, especially ghost Kirara. She is a... read more

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