TV (137 eps)
1983 - 1986
3.551 out of 5 from 238 votes
Rank #5,094

Kinnikuman is a superhero... albeit a terrible one. But one day Meat, a servant, tells Kinnikuman that he is the prince of an alien planet and that he's here to serve him. To prove himself to his newfound family, Kinnikuman must now save the day by fighting evildoers and competing in tournaments to gain respect and money.

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Title: Kinnikuman - A Nostalgic Wrestling Journey Story (7/10): "Kinnikuman" takes you on a wild and often hilarious journey through the world of professional wrestling. The story follows Kinnikuman, a bumbling and comical superhero who aspires to become the greatest wrestler in the universe. While the narrative is filled with over-the-top wrestling matches and absurd scenarios, it manages to blend humor with moments of genuine heart and camaraderie among the characters. The storytelling often follows episodic formats with various wrestling tournaments, providing a consistent dose of entertainment. Comparing it to the manga/novel might reveal nuanced differences in pacing and character development, but the core story remains true to its wrestling roots. Animation (6/10): "Kinnikuman" boasts a retro animation style that's a product of its time. While the animation quality may not hold up to modern standards, it has a certain nostalgic charm. The character designs are quirky and distinctive, capturing the essence of the series' comedic and exaggerated nature. Wrestling matches are creatively choreographed and showcase a wide range of bizarre and entertaining moves. Sound (6/10): The sound in "Kinnikuman" is fitting for its era. The opening and closing themes, while catchy, might come across as dated to contemporary viewers. Sound effects during wrestling matches add to the excitement, and the voice acting, despite some exaggerated performances, fits well with the comedic tone of the series. It's important to appreciate the soundtrack and audio as a reflection of the time in which the anime was produced. Characters (7/10): The characters in "Kinnikuman" are a highlight of the series. Kinnikuman himself is a lovable and goofy protagonist, and his interactions with a wide array of eccentric wrestlers bring humor and heart to the show. Each wrestler has their own unique personality and wrestling style, contributing to the charm of the series. The anime succeeds in making even the most outlandish characters endearing. Overall (6/10): "Kinnikuman" is a nostalgic journey that takes viewers into the wacky world of professional wrestling. The story, filled with humor and heart, centers around memorable characters and their over-the-top wrestling adventures. While the animation and sound may feel dated, they add to the charm of this classic series. If you have a fondness for retro anime and enjoy a mix of comedy, action, and absurdity, "Kinnikuman" is worth a watch. My overall score for the anime is 6/10, acknowledging its nostalgia factor and entertainment value for fans of the era.

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