Alt title: Kiniro Mosaic

TV (12 eps)
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Shinobu Oomiya is a 15-year old Japanese school girl who did a homestay in the UK when she was in junior high. One day, as she is missing her time abroad, a letter arrives for her from the daughter of her UK host family, Alice Cartelet, announcing that she is coming to Japan! With Shinobu’s classmates Aya Komachi and Yoko Inokuma, as well as Alice’s childhood friend and rival from the UK, Karen Kujo, the lives of the five girls sparkle like a mosaic, and an airy and sweet school comedy starring Japanese and British schoolgirls is about to start!

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Kin-Iro Mosaic is a slice-of-life / school life show so don't expect a story. This show revolves around Shino and Alice and their daily lives. But this is not a bad thing; shows without any story can be just as entertaining as show with a story. However this show does not stand out above any other regular slice-of-live / school life comedy shows. The only exceptional feature is the cuteness, so expect a lot of those. But for me personally that isn't enough. The biggest issue I have with this show are the main leads, Shino and Alice. They are the least interesting and very bland characters. The side characters Aya, Yoko and Karen are a lot more entertaining. A short intro on the characters: Alice is a British girl who flew over to Japan to live with her best childhood friend Shino. Alice is small, cute and British and not much more. Shino is the Japanese childhood friend of Alice and she is obsessed with blonde English girls. Note that she really obsessed about blonde English girls, pervert obsessed. Aya & Yoko, Aya is a shy girl who always sticks close to Yoko who is a tomboy and pretty dense. These two were the most interesting characters in this show, their reactions towards the others and their interaction were the best. But Aya seemed to have some weird Shoujo-ai feelings for Yoko. For those who don't know what Shoujo-ai is, Shoujo-ai is the love between two women, or in this particularly case, the love between two girls. This gave some funny and cute scenes but it felt really out of place, like this was added to improve the shows sales. Karen is another British blonde girl who transferred towards Japan. Karen is very....unique, Karen is Karen. She was a funny character but if she would have a bigger part in this show it would have become annoying very quickly, probably. So it is good she remained a side character. Overall this is good show to watch if you want to see cuteness. But if that isn't your taste this is a forgettable one in a million comedy show, a show to watch for a few grins if you got nothing else to watch at the moment. Note: the musical at the very end of the last episode was nice to watch.


It amazes me how similar A channel is to this anime, even the characters are similar, this at first seemed like a bad rehash of the popular anime but the more I watched I realised although it is not as good as A Channel it still has its own good points. Story: The story is fairly normal for a slice of life anime, nothing much happens and it focuses on one year like most anime of this genre, it is based at around 12 episodes with the possibility of an OVA later on, it mainly focuses on the life in and out of school of 5 school girls with two of the main characters being English (England), this creates a language based plot around the anime, however the idea of a girl from ENGLAND sounding like Google Translate kind of pisses me of and many times through the anime I found myself wanting to rip my ears of, otherwise the anime story wise is fine. Art: The art in Kiniro Mosaic is almost identical to the type used in A Channel, it may also to some people resemble the art in love lab, this art is cutesy and fairly normal for a slice of life like this one, the art itself has no effect on the anime other than extenuating cute features.Sound: Not really much I can say about this really, the OP isn't bad but isn't nearly as good as some of the more recent and memorable anime. The ED is pretty good though and takes a leaf out of many slice of life anime and has the ED as the main characters singing and dancing together which works pretty well but other than that there are no real scenes where sound becomes important of all that great. In terms of voice acting that a whole different thing, it’s fine until the girls (who are apparently native to England) start sounding like bloody Google Translate and then my ears bleed but other than that its fine, and actually pretty cute. Character: the characters are similar to the characters of A channel but there are not many other defining features in the characters, there is not much time spent on back story so not much of the characters life gets revealed. Enjoyment/Overall: This anime was pretty enjoyable, I usually score anime high so if you are into anime as much as me I would take like 2 points off to get it to a reasonable score, as you can tell my biggest problem with the anime was the continuous use of bad English throughout it but other than that it was just another slice of life which means in lay-man’s terms "It doesn't really matter what happened in the anime, the fact is it happened and it's not the end of the world if it didn't work out."

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